Bo Selecta Vol 3 Easter Eggs

Hidden Scene - 6.0/10 with 9 votes
On disc 2, go to the extras menu. The Bear will start talking about the extras. Quickly go down to the triangle at the bottom beside Cocknose. Just after the Bear says "deleted scenes" Cocknose's nose will flash red and move slightly. Press the right... more

Avid's Easter Egg - 4.6/10 with 20 votes
1. Put in Disk 2 of Bo Selecta Vol 3, and go to the Extras menu

2. Make sure The Bear is talking in the left box instead of Avid and Cocknose at the bottom. If The Bear isn't moving, return to the menu, then go back to Extras until he is talking

3.... more

Hidden Scene - 2.3/10 with 6 votes
Select Extras and let the bear speak. As soon as he says "Deleted scenes", you can scroll down and select 'C*ck-nose's' eyes for the short video easter egg.

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