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Worst 25 DVD Easter Eggs

Between the Doors - 1.2/10 with 244 votes
Posted Wednesday, November 27 in Monsters, Inc.
I'm surprised that no one has stated this one.On Disc 2 when the menu comes up you see the two doors. If you push left or right a few times some of the tubes will roll down and there will be Outtakes, For the Birds, and Mike's new car.
DVD Credits - 1.3/10 with 70 votes
Posted Tuesday, April 22 in Signs
load up the dvd and go to the set up menu. once there, go to the 'main menu(or something like that)' option, BUT DONT CLICK IT!
Once that is done, go right and a clackerboard should be highlighted. Click it. A DVD credits screen appears.

its not very... more
More Deleted Scenes - 1.5/10 with 68 votes
Posted Sunday, April 15 in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Load disc 2, go to Hogwarts castle, click next and press down four times, Dumbledores beard should be highlighted. Press Enter to see a 15-minute loop of deleted scenes from the film which include; Dementor in the maze, More Shark Head and Dobby the house... more
DVD Credits and Acknowledgements - 1.5/10 with 60 votes
Posted Tuesday, September 17 in Blade II
On the special feature disk (Disk Two) of the Blade II DVD set the main Special Feature menu will load. In the bottom left corner there is a red New Line Cinema logo. Highlight it with the left arrow and press enter. It will lead to the first of six pages... more
DVD Credits - 1.7/10 with 81 votes
Posted Wednesday, September 4 in Monsters, Inc.
Insert disc 2. Go through the door marked 'Humans Only.' Make sure 'Production Tour' is highlighted. Press left on your remote and the words 'DVD Credits' will appear on the left hand side. Press ENTER to see 2 pages of credits.
DVD Authors - 1.9/10 with 61 votes
Posted Tuesday, May 15 in Final Destination
1. Insert the disc.
2. On the main menu, there is a New Line logo.
3. Select it.
4. It will bring you to a hidden screen for the DVD authors.
Cameron Diaz's Dress - 2.1/10 with 67 votes
Posted Thursday, January 25 in There's Something About Mary
At the Dvd menu press right until Cameron Diaz's dress lights up green. Press play and it will take you to a special screen that displays the producers of the Dvd.
The Wise, Talking Cat - 2.2/10 with 46 votes
Posted Tuesday, September 3 in Go!
In the scene where Manny is having a staring contest with the cat in Todd's apartment, there is no verbal dialog. If you have the subtitles on, an actual conversation occurs that is quite funny!
Blade DVD Designer Acknowledgement - 2.2/10 with 191 votes
Posted Saturday, January 6 in Blade
1) Put DVD into the player

2) The Menu will say: Play Movie, Languages, and below that is the New Line Cinema logo, highlight the logo and press enter. You should see an acknowledgement screen thanking the dvd designers.

This is a pretty boring... more
DVD Production Credits - 2.3/10 with 67 votes
Posted Wednesday, October 16 in Beauty and the Beast
Insert Disc 2, Supplemental Features in player.
Select Cogsworth & Lumiere's pane to get the
C&L menu. Go to "Play All" and Press down,
or select "Main Menu," and press up.
Either action will put the rose on the
firewood. Press Enter to display the
DVD... more
Zoinks Sign - 2.4/10 with 55 votes
Posted Monday, March 31 in Scooby Doo (2002)
On the second page of the special features hit left on your remote and the sign with zoinks under it will light up. Hit enter and enjoy.
Hidden Scene - 2.4/10 with 41 votes
Posted Wednesday, March 30 in Anchorman
On the disk menu go to the very top selection and press right. It will bring you hilarious footage of Baxter's funeral.
pic DVD Credits - 2.4/10 with 51 votes
Posted Tuesday, January 15 in Tron (20th Anniversary collector's Edition)
- From the root menu, select "Publicity"
- Highlight "Publicity and Merchandising"
- Go down from there
On the left side of the screen, "DVD Credits" Shows up in Red.
DVD Credits - 2.5/10 with 41 votes
Posted Sunday, October 14 in Snow White
On the second disc of Snow White, go to the Wishing Well and when "History" is highlighted, press the left button on your remote and you will see another menu highlighted showing "DVD Credits" press enter and you will see the Credits that made the snow... more
Credits in the Menu - 2.5/10 with 93 votes
Posted Thursday, April 19 in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
In the main menu of the first Austin Powers movie, highlight the Newline Home Video logo (hit the right button). The egg gives special thanks baby, for the films data, the movie design and the production services on the dvd. Nothing exciting, but enjoy.
Flowers, They Are a Blooming - 2.6/10 with 112 votes
Posted Friday, November 9 in Almost Famous
1) Insert disk
2) Wait for the menu sequence to begin.
3) Hit menu two or three times very quickly.
4) The menu locks up and has 5 flowers on the screen.
5) So far, that's it. The only way I've found to get out of this is to remove the disk and re-insert... more
Paper Clip - 2.6/10 with 102 votes
Posted Saturday, May 26 in SE7EN
Go to the menu on the first disc. Bring up the Set Up Options. Highlight the paper clip. Press
Enter. It brings up the pattern you see when a TV station goes off the air.

Not that much fun, though.
Minor Egg on Disc One - 2.7/10 with 232 votes
Posted Tuesday, June 11 in Harry Potter: Special Edition
There is a minor easter egg on the 1st disc. Once all the menu items have been displayed (not the language) move right and highlight the owl. This shows an ivitation to Hogwarts and a voice tells you to put the 2nd disc in.
I Have Found the Grail - 2.9/10 with 199 votes
Posted Friday, October 26 in Monty Python & The Holy Grail (Special Edition)
Place disc 2 into your DVD player, highlight 'Sacred Relics' and press ENTER. On the next screen, press right once on your remote and then press up to highlight the Grail. Press ENTER and the secret of the Holy Grail will be revealed...(actually it's... more
Hidden Preview - 2.9/10 with 78 votes
Posted Wednesday, March 19 in Lilo & Stitch
On the main menu go to Sneak Peeks, then place the cursor on the wave logo (the one that takes you back to the main menu) click left on your remote control, you should see an outline of Stitch's face, press enter to see a preview of Stitch's upcoming,... more
Hidden Revenge of the Jedi Trailer - 2.9/10 with 59 votes
Posted Sunday, October 24 in Star Wars Trilogy Boxset
Insert the 'Bonus Materials' disc and access the 'Trailers' option. Once there, highlight Return of the Jedi and press UP. Where it once said "Trailer" it will now read, "Revenge Trailer". Select it to reveal the unused teaser trailer for "Revenge of... more
Boring Thank You Credits - 3.0/10 with 117 votes
Posted Monday, December 10 in Rush Hour 2
OK, this is real easy, when the DVD first loads up and you are on the main menu, press the keypad left. This will hi-light a movie reel, press enter and you will see a special thank you section, a few pages long.
Composer As a Child - 3.1/10 with 67 votes
Posted Wednesday, March 27 in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (Special Edition)
Go into cast and crew. Go to the musical composer guy I cant remember his name. Press up and look at his date of birth. The 4 should be highlighted. Press enter, it's him as a toddler playing a keyboard.
"Dumbpigunderground" - 3.1/10 with 129 votes
Posted Thursday, January 4 in X-Men
From someone who was involved in the development of the CD-ROM:

"Most of us here are Mac fanatics and would never allow something as cool as the X-Men CD-ROM to not be Mac-compatible, especially since 90 percent of the production was done using Macs.... more
pic Austin Quiz Game Advert - 3.1/10 with 81 votes
Posted Sunday, October 8 in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
From the Main Menu open the Extras menu and wait for them all to show up. On the second list you should see 3 small flowers at the bottom. Go to them and open it.

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