Red Alert - Counterstrike Easter Eggs

Ant Missions - 7.1/10 with 121 votes
1. Install Counterstrike
2. @ the "new missions, load mission, new game, etc" screen
3. Find the round "speaker" in the upper right corner
4. While holding the left-shift key, left click on the "speaker"
5. Select "new missions"
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Egg in Instruction Manual - 6.0/10 with 68 votes
1. This egg is in the red alert manual that you got with your game.
2. If you look at the bottom of the manual you can see some dots and dashes.
3. Those are morse code.
4. It says the really cool story about the secret ant missions in red alerts... more
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Jogging Soldiers - 4.0/10 with 52 votes
1. Select a naval unit and a soldier!
2. Group them with Ctrl and a number....
3. Press F to put them in formation,
4. And now, select this group and move them to a sea location
5. The ship moves, and the soldier starts working out!!!
6. (to... more

Credits - 4.0/10 with 24 votes
1. Hold L-Shift & R-Shift down and click on the Westwood Studios Logo.
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