Babylon 5 Easter Eggs

In Memory Of... - 8.3/10 with 25 votes
In the title scenes of Babalyon 5 a series of coffins are launched from the ship when they talk about the Earth-Membari Wars. If you freeze the frame and enlarge on a coffin (any will do since they are the same one repeated over and over) you will see... more

Hypernauts in B5 - 7.1/10 with 32 votes
In this episode wait for the bit when the White Star jumps into Hyperspace.
When it does, advance through the jump frame by frame. If you do you will see a single frame with a picture of an alien cityscape.
This picture is from the series 'Hypernauts'
Most... more
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Scott Adams Cameo - 7.1/10 with 107 votes
When Garibaldi first starts his private investigatory career after resigning as security chief, he meets some people that offer him cases. One of them is a man that, much to Garibaldi's amusement, claims that his cat and dog are planning to take over... more
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Dead Band - 7.1/10 with 78 votes
In an early episode, the Emperor's consort is met by Londo. She has a vision, backs up against a panel on the wall, where the screen is announcing an upcoming concert by The Rolling Stones.
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Babylon 5 Writer Pulls Plug On Station - 7.1/10 with 180 votes
When Babylon 5's days are numbered and they decide to destroy the station, J Michael Straczynsky (Shows writer/creator) is the person that actually shuts down Babylon 5 before it is destroyed!
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PsiCorps Advert Subliminals - 7.1/10 with 185 votes
In the Babylon 5 episode 'And Now For a Word' the program is set out like a ISN news broadcast. In the middle there is commercial break.

During this break there is a mock advert for the Psi Corps, during which a boy is entered into the corps, very... more
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Yet Another Prisoner Reference! - 7.1/10 with 127 votes
At one point in command and control there is a camera shot that allows you to see a screen very clearly. A lot of pages flash up on the screen with text, but if you look closely and read just the first word of each page you'll read
This... more
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Li'l Tree - 7.0/10 with 44 votes
In the Babylon 5 Episode"And Now For a Word". You'll see the inside of the c*ck-pit where they are on approach to B5. You'll see a cardboard tree dangling form what looks like a rear-view mirror
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pic Smile! - 7.0/10 with 60 votes
In the Babylon 5 Episode "The Fall of Night", watch closely to the big gun of the defence grid. It'll first show a door opening vertically revealing what looks like a BFG 9000. There is a yellow smiley-face on the outside of the door!

Alfred Bestor - 6.7/10 with 40 votes
In the series, Walter Koenig plays the malevolent PsiCorps agent Alfred Bestor. This is a tip of the hat to the author of the same name who was one of the fathers of scifi. His best selling novels revolved around groups of "peepers" and "ESPers" who almost... more
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JS Teddy Bear - 6.0/10 with 31 votes
In a Babylon5 episode in the 2nd season (don't know the exact name) Captain John Sheridan is presented with a "John Sheridan" Teddy bear, complete with a monogrammed "J.S." on it. He is less than thrilled with the toy, and ends up flushing out the airlock... more
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Prisoner - 6.0/10 with 28 votes
This is not really an individual egg but a group of them. I'm supprised no one has listed this here yet. In just about every episode with the PSICorp and quite a few where they are not in, there are loads of references to the Prisoner (Old 60's TV program... more
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A True Egg - 5.8/10 with 45 votes
During the credits for the final episode if you go frame by frame there are group shots of all of the different production teams that worked on the show.
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Starship Name - 5.8/10 with 40 votes
In Spider in the Web, Sheridan is looking at the death records of Abel Horn, a Free Mars terrorist who apparently is quite alive. Horn was "killed" in 2258. On the computer display when Sheridan is going over the records of the space battle Horn died... more

President Santiago - 5.6/10 with 32 votes
In the final episode of the first season, Chrysalis, we see on a viewscreen the face of President Santiago shortly before he is assassinated. This is actually John Copeland, one of the series producers.
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First Television Mention of B5 - 5.5/10 with 20 votes
In the mid-80's B5's Writer/Director JMS wrote for a children's live action sci-fi action adventure series: "Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future". Unlike many shows that were driven by the toys they were trying to sell, Captain Power actually... more

Channel 4 - 5.2/10 with 26 votes
From the 2nd season on the Communications Officer sometimes refers to a message "Coming in on Channel 4".
This is actually a credit by the producer to the UK TV station Channel 4, who first screened Babylon 5 in the UK (and may end of season episodes... more
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