Sims, The Easter Eggs

Santa Claus - 9.0/10 with 7 votes
This easter egg lets Santa Claus pay a visit.
First, go to the room you want Santa to appear in(Or build another room). Delete one wall. Now the game thinks the room is part of the outside, so you can put a christmas tree in it. Put the wall back up.... more
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Will Wright on Scooter - 8.0/10 with 2 votes
- Put the The Sims (Complete Collection) disc in your disc drive
- Wait until the Autorun application launches.

If the Autorun application doesn't run automaticly, go to My Computer > Disc Drive. Now double-click "start.exe"

- First choose your... more
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Tons of Cash! (NOT AN EGG) - 7.5/10 with 11 votes
This is a really cool way to get tons of cash in no time !!

1. Press Ctrl + Shift + C to bring up the cheat box.

2. Type in 'klapaucius' and then press ENTER.
(if klapaucius doesn't work, its rosebud.)

3. Bring up the cheat box again and this... more
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Naked Sims - 5.9/10 with 75 votes
1. press Ctrl, shift ,and c to get cheat mode

2. enter: Move Objects_on

3. get your Sims to take a shower

4. in the middle of their shower pause the game and delete the shower

5. your Sim will walk around naked but wont care

affects are... more
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