Sims, The Easter Egg - Naked Sims

1. press Ctrl, shift ,and c to get cheat mode

2. enter: Move Objects_on

3. get your Sims to take a shower

4. in the middle of their shower pause the game and delete the shower

5. your Sim will walk around naked but wont care

affects are not permanent just get your Sim to sleep, change clothes, or swim to get them to normal.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 01-04-2005
Reviewed By: Boneho Chane, Gamer Sly-Ratchet
Special Requirements: The Sims
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Farkward writes:
Only a true porn addict would find how to make the sims naked!
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abbytherat writes:
This can be done without deleating the shower. It also works with the bathtub, tiolet, and any other object that fuzzes the sim out when they use it (it's very funny watching a sim take a crap in mid air) Other similar tricks enclude putting a sim in a pool and, whyle they are swimming around, taking them out of it. They will then be swimming in the floor. Try deleating the sims themselves, when you click on their faces in the menu they will reappear. use with caution as I cannot remember if this has any adverse effects on the sim (like completely erasing their personality, I know there was something that did that) Anyways, the move objects cheat is a great way to mess with the game.
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abbytherat writes:
Hey, I went and tried the move objects cheat more extensively and found two wierd things I don't think people would realize. Do teh cheat and get two sims to hate eachother. when they get in a fight, grab the dust cloud and move it. the second thing is, in liv'n large, get the love bed and get two sims know.....go at it under the covers, then remove the bed. This isn't as bad as it sounds, the sims just have no arms and are sliding around oddly, but it's funny to watch.
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Cyberdan5 writes:
If you get your sim to sleep, then get them out of bed, they will sleep in mid air! Plus, if you get the fire men to come and put them in a room so they can't get out, eventuly blue rings go round them and they go! PS: My sim once got deleted by me and when they came back he had full intrest in the 60's and nothing else! Then I did the same thing with another sim just as they were about to die and when they came back he was a moving gravestone!
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I found this cheat a looong time ago. I would always mess around with it. But it's really kinda gross actually.. Gah, the things you do when you're a teeny tiny curious kid.
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