Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Easter Eggs

pic Yummy - 8.5/10 with 35 votes
First, grab a sniper rifle and head over to the Romero's butcher shop. It's right beside the Romero's Funeral Home. (does anyone else think thats odd?) Its somewhere in Little Havanna/Haiti, next to a pizza shop. Once you are there, look at the display... more
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pic Sunken Ships - 8.4/10 with 14 votes
Go to the boat yard, and get in one of the boats. drive east, in the boat somewhere between the boat yard and washington beach. It looks like the boat crashed into a large underwater rock.

The next one, go to the part of the ocean north of the north... more
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pic Broadway in Vice City (the Liberty City Experience) - 8.3/10 with 6 votes
On Prawn Island, once you've gained access to the movie lot you'll notice many sets and designs hanging around. The one that caught my eye immediately and had me rolling was the set-up in the south-east corner of the island (you'll find a Hummer around... more
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pic Grand Theft Auto 3 Reference - 8.1/10 with 11 votes
Head out to "The Pole Position Club" in Ocean View. The club is on the corner of two roads, one of which leads from North to South. Head North up that road.
Along the right are a few shops, one of the shops is called "Rockstar Video Games" (obviously... more
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pic Sleeping with the Fishes - 7.8/10 with 11 votes
1. Find a boat, preferably a Dinghy.

2. Go to the large piece of land that sticks out from th Leaf Links Country Club.

3. Find the collection of rocks in the the water between the west island and the piece of land.

4. Look around the rocks.... more
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pic The Obscene Egg - 7.7/10 with 84 votes
1: Go into the parking lot behind the Malibu club
2: Look at the sky scraper across the street,this is the building where the egg happens
3: This egg is best viewed across the river, so just cross the bridge to the north and run around to the fence... more
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Radio Changing - 7.4/10 with 14 votes
This egg isn't all that exciting and i stumbled across it by chance.
Firstly, in GTA 3 pay attention to most of the radio adds. Then, play Vice City and change the radio stations, causing it to briefly have a second of frequency changing while also having... more
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pic Scarface's Apartment 3C - 7.3/10 with 215 votes
1.Go to Vice city east and go to the southern most pay'n'spray.
2.Exit it and go to the street south of it.
3.There should be a pink house with two stairs leading to the first floor with two doors. Go through the second door.

In the movie scarface... more
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Sgt Polaski - 7.2/10 with 5 votes
Open up the 'audio' folder for Vice city and play the file 'bust_17' It's a short message from Ken Rosenberg saying 'Get sgt polaski down here that fat chump owes me a favour' Sgt polaski is one of the bent cops from GTA San Andreas

pic The "Easter Egg" Easter Egg - 7.2/10 with 466 votes
1. Go to the VCN building's helipad. The VCN Maverick helicopter is parked there.

The VCN building on the west island, downtown area. It is on the north side of North Bridge (the bridge that leads to Prawn Island). At ground level, the building has... more
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pic Soldier of Misfortune - 7.2/10 with 6 votes
Go to phils place and enter his house. At the right there is another room. Go into it and TURN back. On the wall adjacent to the door... there is a poster for a film:"SOLDIER OF MISFORTUNE". Obviously, a play on the FPS game, 'Soldier of fortune"
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pic Tommy Vercetti's Office - Scarface Reference - 7.2/10 with 76 votes
There are a lot of Scarface references in this game. The beach setting, the music on the radio stations are from the Scarface soundtrack, peoples names like Diaz and the Colonel and certain scenes and missions within the game.

Here is my favourite... more
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pic Movie Titles - 7.0/10 with 3 votes
You must have purchased the film studio to view this egg. There is a set that looks like a little town in the film studio. There are two eggs to look for here. The first one is a poster for a movie called "Top Down City". The original Grand Theft Auto... more
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Cooter's Yellow Car Door - 7.0/10 with 9 votes
In Little Havana goto Sunshine Autos. Go underneath the garage you will see A yellow car door, If you watch just about every episode of The Dukes of Hazzard at Cooter's Garage there is always a yellow car door there. I thought this was A interesting egg.

pic Vandalised Diaz Picture *story spoilers* - 7.0/10 with 1 votes
*story spoilers*

After you have completed the mission where you kill Diaz and take his mansion on Prawn Island go inside the mansion from the main entrance and go up the stairs. The first picture to the right of the office is a picture of Diaz, however... more
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Cousin Ed In Vice City Too! - 7.0/10 with 6 votes
Listen to V-Rock for a while. After some song (i don't remember which one) Lazlow will receive a call from Cousin Edd. Cousin Edd and Lazlow hosted V-Rock together in GTA: Vice City Stories. Vice City Stories is set in 1984 and Vice City is set in 1986.... more

Hidden Gta 2 Reference +weapon - 7.0/10 with 1 votes
Go to the North Point Mall.
Find the Tarbrush Cafe.
Go into the back room; there will be a katana sword there.
Use a sniper rifle and zoom in on the screens there.
They are previous GTA items.

The Ball - 6.9/10 with 22 votes
First,go to the southeastern part of the city,where you can see a lighthouse.
Wait until it gets night (actually after 8:00 PM) and go to the sand.Look around until you see a beach ball.Start kicking it (moving towards it) and by doing so toss it into... more
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pic Real Shark in Gta Vc - 6.9/10 with 8 votes
First of all, wait until the time is 1:12 and go to the beach near Ocean View Hotel. Then go all the way to the lighthouse and dont go up the stairs. Look across on the sea (not the pond). Then you'll see a real shark.
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Vinyl Countdown - 6.8/10 with 8 votes
First, go to the North Point Mall, then go up to the second floor and look for a music store called "The Vinyl Countdown". There was a song in the 80s called "Final Countdown". I can't remember the band's name, though. If you look at the banner in the... more
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pic Beach Ball Minigame/Rockstar Pool - 6.8/10 with 4 votes
On Starfish Island (where the mansion you get later is), one of the pools is empty. Inside that empty pool, there is a beach ball. If you kick it, it goes up. Now the minigame portion. You must keep it up with nothing but your head. The higher the combo,... more
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pic TV Show Reference - 6.5/10 with 17 votes
In GTA Vice City, on the second island, the Taxi company is called Kaufman Cabs. This is in reference to comedian Andy Kaufman, who played Latka Gravas and Vic Ferrari in the famous 70s TV sit com 'Taxi'.
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Hidden (in the) Packages - 6.4/10 with 11 votes
Go to your room in the hotel down by the beach (sorry if I'm being vague, I haven't played it in a while). New things appear in your hotel whenever you complete something in the game. (ie, a trophy when you beat a stadium event) When you have collected... more

Av. & D Lo. 1 - 6.3/10 with 3 votes
In the earlier stages of GTA Vice City you do missions for real estate agent Avery Corrington. In a mission cutscene he invites u into his limo & beside him sits a quiet young man with a pen & pad. This turns out to be Donald Love, a rich buisnessman... more
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pic "Welcome to Hotel Vice City..." - 6.2/10 with 75 votes
1.After you have done the "Dildo Dodo" Mission for Interglobal Movies, you'll have a skimmer west of the movie set. Go get your prize plane.
2.Fly towards the WK chariot hotel(the one in front of the house where you killed Gonzalez earlier, and where... more
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Gta 3 Reference - 6.0/10 with 1 votes
First on the first island, go to the far right side of the beach and you will find a dune buggy course. Drive around for a bit on the course and you will find a sign that says Eddie's used boiler company. If you have played Gta 3, that is where your hideout... more

Hey, It's Lazlo - 6.0/10 with 1 votes
If you are a listener to the radio stations that play, and if you've played GTAIII and listened to ChatterBox, you'll recognize Lazlo, who in GTAIII said he was fired from a Rock radio station, which is exactly what he is in Vice City.

Brought to You by Rockstar - 6.0/10 with 1 votes
This egg is located in Little Havana right across from the Cafe Robina. Walk directly away from the entrance of the cafe (still outside) and look up. There is a billboard that has the big Rockstar R on it.

pic Pogo the Monkey Reference of the 80's - 5.6/10 with 37 votes
1- You must go to the second part of the city.

2- Go to little Haiti and find the Kauffman Taxi Station.(It'll be available after you completed the Kauffamn serie of duties)

3- Go to the right wall in the building

4- There must be a gaming arcade... more
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Cheat Codes - 5.6/10 with 88 votes
NOTE:This is not officialy an egg but it helps.This is for PS2 ONLY!

These are all known cheats for the PS2 version of GTA:Vice City:

Weapons (tier 1):
Press R1, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up during game play. A message... more
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pic Big Big Moon - 5.2/10 with 16 votes
To start off, it needs to be night, and you need a gun with a scope. (Exp. Sniper Rifle) I found it easer to do this on the beach, but a really tall building will work also. As the moon rises take out your gun and have it aimed at the moon. When the sun... more
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pic Rockstars Romero - 5.1/10 with 15 votes
If you go to little Haiti and find the pizza place (near Kaufman Cabs for those who know where that is) there is a small (somtimes hard to find) store called funeraria Romero, and if you look in the glass to the right you will see a picture of a guy (almost... more
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Ur Not Supposed to Be Here!! - 5.0/10 with 1 votes
Go south down the road that connects to the second bridge (with the water at your right keep driving south). There's another road to your right when you come to the end. The street Ts off, with all the billboards to your right also. Turn left when you... more
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Reference to San Andreas - 4.9/10 with 13 votes
While driving in a police car, once in a great while the radio will say something like "We have a 10-11, I repeat we have a 10-11 in Los Santos San Andreas"
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pic "Top Gun" Reference - 4.9/10 with 8 votes
In GTA Vice City there are vans called "Top Fun". If you like look well at the symbol at the side of the van, you'll see that it looks alot like the "Top Gun" movie symbol.

Seagull Sniping Record - 4.7/10 with 34 votes
Go to the beach and pull out your sniper rifle. Start shooting at the seagulls. After you have hit one you will have a "seagulls sniped" stat.

pic Familiar Wallpaper - 4.7/10 with 3 votes
In the Diaz Mansion's downstairs bar room you'll see a wall covered in tropical paper with an orange hue to it. Those familiar with the film Scarface will recognize this as the cut & pasted wallpaper from the room in which Tony shot the old man and recruited... more
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pic Pure Lunacy - 4.6/10 with 268 votes
I'm giving this one 10 eggs because it's so friggin' sly. Whilst tootling around the movie studio, check all of the soundstages. One of them is an exact replica of the lunar surface as seen in the "live" television broadcast in the summer of 1969, complete... more
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pic Come to Dundee - 3.6/10 with 149 votes
If you go to the airport there are various billboards with no actual significance. However one of the billboards reads "Come to Dundee" with a picture of the ship "Discovery" which Captain Scott sailed to Antarctica, and currently resides at Dundee, Scotland.... more
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pic Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan - Hidden picture - 3.2/10 with 12 votes
Learn how to use the Jetpack. It's simply a "in-game coordinate changer". You can move up, down and forwad in the air, even through walls. Steer the direction with the mouse.

1. Drive (or fly with the Jetpack) to the Ammu-Nation in Downtown. Picture:... more
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pic Claude Speed cameo - 2.2/10 with 77 votes
In your Apartment room, ion the wall above your couch is a picture of Claude Speed.

Claude Speed is the main character from GTA3 (otherwise known as Claude, Fido, the Kid). Claude also featured in GTA: VC as a non-playable character.
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