Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Easter Egg - The Ball

First,go to the southeastern part of the city,where you can see a lighthouse.
Wait until it gets night (actually after 8:00 PM) and go to the sand.Look around until you see a beach ball.Start kicking it (moving towards it) and by doing so toss it into the water.
If done correctly you will then hear all voices in the game in a kind of a melody and all the people around you (if any) will start chasing the ball,even if that costs them their lifes-they will jsut drown in the water.
It doesn`t happen all the time,though.But in a few tries you will eventually find the egg.
I think that there is a ball the whole day,but only in nights you can make the egg appear.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 07-10-2004
Reviewed By: MrHappyHamster, Boneho Chane
Special Requirements: Only GTA:Vice City :)
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Flamin__azn writes:
ya, you don't always have to go up to the lighttower to get the beachball though, if you walk around on the beach long enuff, it'll be there. and sometimes, they're in people's pools too. if you keep kicking it and not let it touch the ground, you can see how many times you kicked it up (there is a red number around the ball to show how many times you kept it up)
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Tim451 writes:
The house with the swimming pool is Jonathan Freeloaders house (listen to VCPR and check out the transmitting equipent outside the house) and bouncing the beachball on your head makes little numbers appear telling you how many times it had bounced on your head in a row... You also get a keepie uppie stat in your stats page (other "hidden" stats include seaguls sniped and fishes fed)...
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No, this is not an egg, it is just part of the game as i have said about haveing seagulls sniped. It will appear in your stats as keepie-uppie-beachball . :)
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-- writes:
cant say ive found the ball near the lighthouse though... any ideas where its supposed to be?
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meethos writes:
I actually have seen another beach ball egg. I'n one of the houses you can buy there is an empty pool with a ball in it. If you "kick" the ball and get it to bounce on your head, You gain health points or something. I'm not sure I never tried it.
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