Icewind Dale Easter Eggs

Jeff K. Of Makes a Cameo - 7.1/10 with 96 votes
To explain this funny but obscure joke: Jeff K. is sort of an Internet cult-celebrity, who 'contributes' lots of material to the site (He doesn't actually exist, he's just the main author's creation and is a parody on many Internet... more
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Boo in Icewind Dale - 5.5/10 with 22 votes
"Boo" makes a special appearance in Icewind Dale!
Yes, the ubiquitous hamster has his own personal cameo.

To find him, you need to know how to cheat.
--==How to Cheat==--
1. Get the patch version 1.05 or higher
2. Edit "icewind.ini"- under [Game... more
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