Icewind Dale Easter Egg - Jeff K. Of Makes a Cameo

To explain this funny but obscure joke: Jeff K. is sort of an Internet cult-celebrity, who 'contributes' lots of material to the site (He doesn't actually exist, he's just the main author's creation and is a parody on many Internet users who always type using that annoying 'l33t sp33k'.) He did a hilarious interview with the programmers of, as he calls it, 'Windy Dale', and warned them that if they didn't include him in the game as a powerful cyclops, then the game was doomed to fail. (The URL of the interview is .)

Anyway, they obeyed him. Here's how to meet this l33t cyclops (he's actually a useful ally/powerful enemy, not just a joke):

1. Before starting Icewind Dale, open up the 'icewind.ini' file in the game's main directory, using Notepad.

2. Under the [Game Options] section, include a new line that reads 'Cheats=1'. Do not include the quotes.

3. Save/exit Notepad, start the game.

4. During the game, hit Ctrl-Tab to open the 'console'.

5. Type one of the following two commands and press Enter to activate it:


That will summon Jeff K., and he will attack you. He's worth a fair amount of experience but is quite powerful.


This summons him, and he will ally himself with you and take out enemies. This easily balances most battles in your favor instantly.

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Contributed By: churst on 12-11-2000
Reviewed By: Webmaster
Special Requirements: Get the most recent patch to be sure it works, I'm sure at least 1.05 is required.
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enderman writes:
Okay, I can't open the 'console'. I did what you said to icewind.ini, but the thing won't work. Help?!?!! While I'm here, I also can't seem to find out how to turn the gears on in the temple in the Vale of Shadows. Arundel says I haven't beat it yet, but I've killed all the undead I can find, and I've been killing yetis for sport, out of pure boredom. Also out of boredom I have stolen every item from everyone I can find. Please help me break the monotony!
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DriftWood writes:
Hey! Well, first off, have you explored every crypt in the vale? most of them coontain keys to something in the main crypt. Make sure you have checked all of the chests and such...I'm correct that you're on the 2nd level right? There is also a switch in the middle of the main chamber on the pillar by where the Skeletal mage, the imbued wights, and the sarcophugus is.
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Gem writes:
Ha! I love Jeff K. I don't have this game, but that alone would make me get it.
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Just wanted to update this particular egg for those with the Heart Of Winter expansion. To fully enable cheat keys one must go through the .ini file changes above and control-Tab panel opening, but must then type (case sensitive): GETYOURCHEATON:EnableCheatKeys(); The Jeff K. Cyclops egg still exists under this new fangled arrangement--the specific commands have just been changed to: GETYOURCHEATON:JeffKAttacks(); and GETYOURCHEATON:JeffKDefends(); Pretty amusing--and you can use it to rack up 4000 XP every time you kill him, too (yes, you can do it multiple times!) Danke.
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Adam writes:
I am nearly at the end of the game and i thought id let you all know that you should start the game with three charachters at least at the start of the game as halfway through there are some really hard monsters.
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