Dungeon Keeper 2 Easter Eggs

Tiny Movie in a Little Box - 7.9/10 with 15 votes
First load the game and start playing a level with goodly heros in it then
attack till you get a wizard. Then put him in your prison and heal him. Next put
him in a torture chamber and heal him till he is converted (heal him before he
dies). Next you... more

Disco - 7.1/10 with 84 votes
1. Set your computer's clock to 12:55 am November 13, 1999

2. Load up dungeon keeper and start a level
(I'm not sure if it has to be in a particular level, I think it works in all)

When the computer's clock hits 1:00 am, Disco music starts playing... more
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Witching Hour - 6.4/10 with 30 votes
Set your clock(Or play real early in the morning) to 11:50PM and play DK2. When your clock hits 12AM it'll say "It's Witching Hour: All curses are half-price!"
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Secret Message at 3 AM - 4.7/10 with 9 votes
1. Either set your sytem clock to 2:50 AM, or simply be playing DK2 that late.

2. Enter any game of Dungeon Keeper 2.

3. When your clock hits 3 AM, the narrator's voice will say, "Your nocturnal perseverance has earned you a secret, GO TO BED!"

4.... more
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