Diddy Kong Racing Easter Eggs

Cheats (NOT AN EGG) - 4.3/10 with 74 votes
Here are some cheat codes, you enter them in the cheats under options.

rochetfuel -all ballons are red(I think)
arnold -big characters
freeforall -max. item
offroad -driving offroad won't slow you down
doublevision... more
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pic Horseshoe Gulch Level (NOT AN EGG) - 3.5/10 with 24 votes
This one's for those with hacking devices, and it's simple to do. First, put in whatever code fits your region:

US - 80121252 0010
UK - 801212E2 0010

Start the game. It can be either a new game, or a saved game, it doesn't matter. Simply drive... more
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