Diddy Kong Racing Easter Egg - Cheats (NOT AN EGG)

Here are some cheat codes, you enter them in the cheats under options.

rochetfuel -all ballons are red(I think)
arnold -big characters
freeforall -max. item
offroad -driving offroad won't slow you down
doublevision -two players can have the same person
jointventure -two players in the adventure
oppositesattrarct-all ballons are the magnet kind

For a quick start, press A just as the announcer says go.
To get the rooster beat everything besides Wiz-Pig and talk to a frog with a red neck thing on.
To get to an extra board, beat everything, including Wiz-Pig, go to the light-house and honk at it. If done correctly it will turn into a space ship and go into the stars.

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Contributed By: Jason on 05-30-2000
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1 more cheat: blabbermouth-makes your horn sound like your characters voice!
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KnuckleBonez writes:
theres plenty more than that!!! here is ALL of the "Magic Codes" Arnold-big characters BlabberMouth-horn cheat bodyarmor-all armor balloons bogusbananas-bananas reduce speed bombsaway-all missle balloons byebyeballoons-no ballons in game((except for the gold ballons for winning)) doublevision-select same player ((in multiplayer mode)) freeforall-max powerup for balloon freefruit-start with 10 bananas jointventure-2 player adventure mode jukebox-music menu noyellowstuff-no bananas in game offroad-four wheel drive((you dont slow down on grass,dirt etc. you still slow down on water)) oppositesattract-all magnet ballons rocketfuel-all boost balloons teenyweenies-small characters timetolose-ultimate computer AI toxicoffender-allmines/bubbles,toxic gas balloons vitaminb-no banana limit whodidthis-credits zapthezippers-no speed zippers that is EVERY "magic code" there is for the game
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MissingNO writes:
The high-speed racing trick does not exist, you're better off with the unlimited bananas trick.
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OK, the cheat codes are great, but just in case you didn't know, although it may be a trick just to figure out how to get the lighthouse to "blast off", it's really a part of the game. The 5th world, once unlocked, holds more tracks, another trophy race, and the REAL Wizpig challenge.
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Matt writes:
There is 2 Magic codes that were never mentioned. Here they are: EOLAOBFENRLONE EPC Try them out and tell me what you think.
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Enendar writes:
the spaceship only opens when you have won the Wizpig trophy on all 4 trophy races before the rocket-ship world which is called "future fun-land" also there is the second Wizpig race which unlocks "adventure two" once you beat adventure two... you get to see a strange ending with the cast having bacon for breakfast
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HyperHacker writes:
There's also some codes that are used by the programmers, that won't show up at the ending (or in Nintendo's guides): DODGYROMMER: Game waits a while then displays a ROM Checksum. EPC: If the game crashes (don't count on it) it displays an error screen next time you start it up. EOLAOBFENRLONE: Extra Gold Balloons float around in Adventure mode. (Any ideas what this 'word' is supposed to mean?) There are also codes to unlock the secret characters and other such things, but unfortunately, the programmers changed them to a bunch of numbers and crap that you can't type in the box. (The 'High Speed Racing' code is one of these, but it doesn't seem to do anything anyway.) Also I'd like to clarify right now that the 100 Bananas cheat (found on various sites) does NOT work. In fact, if you get up to 100 bananas (impossible without using gameshark) the game freezes.
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