Crus'n USA Easter Eggs

Secret License Plates - 6.3/10 with 39 votes
Play Crus'n USA on a screen big enough where you can identify the license plates of the cars.

You'll notice that the if you select the ATV, the car very similar to the afamed Ford Bronco that OJ Simpson drove, the license plate says "Guilty".

As... more
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Decapitated Head - 5.4/10 with 21 votes
When you get a high score and you put your initials scroll to the bottom where the rollers are. Then push your joystick to the right for 2 min. until the head comes out.
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Secret Cars - 5.2/10 with 25 votes
1. All you have to do is hold the view buttons (c up, down, left, right) when choosing a car.

2.Try it on different cars.

1.Get the secret police car.

2.Get a new record and the license plate thing will appear.

3.When... more
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