Mozilla Easter Eggs

pic FireFox - The Book of Mozilla - 7.3/10 with 135 votes
The Book of Mozilla actually continues. If you are using Mozilla FireFox (re-branded from FireBird), you may find a continuation of the story mentioned in the easter egg in Mozilla.

1. Open up Mozilla FireBird
2. Into the Address field, type "about:mozilla"... more
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From the Book of Mozilla, 3:31 - 7.2/10 with 117 votes
Type in 'about:mozilla' in the pathwindow

It will display as message beginning with:

And the beast shall be made legion. Its numbers shall...

Try it to see the rest. ;-)

Internet explorer reacts also by typing in the phrase above.
Please... more
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Cookies - 3.3/10 with 43 votes
1) Hit Tools.
2) From the drop-down menu, hit options.
3) In the Privacy tab, click on the plus sign next to the bit describing what a Cookie is.

"Cookies are delicious delicacies."

And they sure are!
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Bookmarks Toolbar Egg - 2.9/10 with 52 votes
This egg is realy simple, I stumbled on it by accident. all you have to do is:

1) Open Mozilla Navigator

2) Click on the "Bookmarks" button in the personal toolbar (the bar up the top of the screen, not the "bookmarks" tab in the Sidebar)

3)... more
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pic Firefox Quote from the Book of Mozilla (8:10) - 0.9/10 with 86 votes
1. Open Mozilla Firefox.
2. Go to the address bar.
3. Type "about:firefox" in the address bar without the quotes.
4. Enjoy!
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