Married...With Children Easter Eggs

Ed O'neil Critiques His Own Movie - 7.1/10 with 825 votes
In the episode where the Bundy's go to the UK, the pilot says "Will the man in first class please put your shoes back on, I'm choking to death" and then Al says "they're showing the movie Dutch, and they think I stink." Dutch was a movie that O'Neil starred... more
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Where the Bundy's Got Thier Names - 7.0/10 with 393 votes
The Fox studio in LA is located on Bundy drive...interesting huh?
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Little Old Lady in Michigan - 7.0/10 with 93 votes
Marcy announces that the "Pease" show was cancelled because: "Some woman in Michigan didn't like it. She doesn't like football, so that's gone too."
This is a hidden dig at Terry Rakolta, a Michigan woman who started a campaign in 1989 to have MWC banned... more
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Free Movie - 6.5/10 with 221 votes
In the episode where Al and Peg are at a video store. There is a large carboard cutout of the movie "Dutch" Which Ed O'Neil starred in. (he plays Al in "Married") A sign that said: "Free Movie" Covered Ed's face.

Hidden Creator Names - 6.3/10 with 45 votes
When the bundys are standing in the airport in the episode where they go to england (season 6, part 1) and kelly points to the guy holding the sign that says "Bundy" there are two other guys a little bit behind him holding up signs. One says "Moye" and... more

Michael & Ron on Movie Posters - 3.0/10 with 42 votes
In the episode where Kelly goes to Hollywood with Al & Bud, she'll read some posters from movies. Well, there are 3 movie posters which contain Ron & Micheal. They're called "Black Cop - White Girl," "Homeless Detective," & "Amos n' Andrew." Interesting?
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