Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, The Easter Eggs

Extra Animated Sequence - 8.8/10 with 23 votes
Go to the 'Outer Planets' menu on the second DVD, and turn the Subtitles option to 'on'. Then, go up to the 'Inner Planets' option and press left. The words "Don't Panic!" will appear on the screen. Press Enter, and you'll be treated to a huge animated... more

pic Infinite Improbability Drive - 7.7/10 with 22 votes
There is a random feature on Disc One of this set. If you allow the menu screen to play through the theme tune without moving the cursor, then Episode One will normally start playing. However, sometimes a slightly 'warped' version of the opening sequence... more
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Main Menu - Internal Number 42? - 7.6/10 with 10 votes
If you put the dvd into a computer and look at the internal menu structure in some sort of dvd ripping tool (Dvd Shrink works well for this) you will notice that the video for the main menu is Menu 42 on the first VTS. 42 is of course, in this famous... more

2005 Theatrical Movie - Deep Thought's Cartoon - 7.0/10 with 8 votes
This is for the DVD for the 2005 theatrical movie of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (not the BBC TV series). If you keep using the Infinite Improbability Drive on the menus to randomly view the bonus materials, eventually you'll get to see the cartoon... more
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pic See the Destruction of the Earth - 6.9/10 with 48 votes
This is quite a nice egg to see the destruction of the Earth, and the ingredients for a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.

1) Put Disc One into your DVD player
2) At the main menu, move down to "Set-Up"
3) Press Left
You will be presented with a numerical... more
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pic Full Title Sequence - 6.8/10 with 13 votes
On the first menu of the second DVD, highlight 'Communicate' and press left. A picture of the Earth will appear in the middle of the screen. Press enter to view the full version of the title sequence, as originally created for the pilot episode. The inside... more

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