Submodalities (Moffatts) Easter Eggs

Bonus Songs - 9.0/10 with 23 votes
1. Get the album Submodalities by The Moffatts.
2. Put on song #12.
3. Fast forward through that song. Soon you'll hear silence.
4. Fast forward through two minutes (of silence) and you'll reach the first song "Destiny".
5. When that's over, fast... more

I Don't Want You to Want Me - 8.6/10 with 23 votes
1. Look on the back of the album.
2. To locate number (#) 8.
3. Look at the word "don't".
4. It's spelled "dont't". This is not a spelling mistake. It's spelled this way because of the common misspelling of "Moffatts". One "T" is often used.

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