Before These Crowded Streets (Dave Matthews Band) Easter Eggs

Secret Song - 5.5/10 with 39 votes
I am sure most Dave Fans know about this secret song..but it's one of my fave songs from him! Listen to "Spoon" on Before These Crowded Streets and when it reaches the end, forward for will hear the beginning of the song.. it's pretty short,... more
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Secret Song - 4.1/10 with 83 votes
Listen all the way through "Spoon" (or fast forward through it)after the song ends, listen for about 1 minute and you'll here the secret song.
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Dave Comes Out? On Ddtw - 2.6/10 with 216 votes
At the end of the song "Don't Drink the Water," between 6:00 and 6:30, Dave starts screaming out what seems to be gibberish. If you listen to it carefully see says, "Suppose I'm gay? like a homo yeah." Is he coming out or is he just mocking the rumors... more
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