2 (Presidents of the U.S.A.) Easter Eggs

Basketball Dream - 5.3/10 with 63 votes
It says there are only 14 tracks on the cd but if you go all the way to track 15, it is a monologue of a kid talking about his experience with a basketball player. He has a funny voice. It gives credit to this "sketch" in the inner cover of the cd on... more
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Hidden Quick-Time Videos! - 4.8/10 with 52 votes
Chuck your "Pure frosting" into the cd-rom drive of your computer... There are FOUR videos, "Lump", "Dune Buggy", "Peaches", and "Mach 5" that are included. There is absolutely NADA that hints at this on the cover or liner notes, I just happened to stumble... more
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