Brady Bunch, The Easter Eggs

Eve Plumb's Name - 6.2/10 with 17 votes
On the last Brady Bunch episode where Oliver and Bobby dye Greg's hair orange, there is a scene where Greg walks in the kitchen. If you look at the small blackboard on the wall by the fridge, you can clearly see "EVE PLUMB" written on it. This, of course,... more
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Most Popular Boy - 4.7/10 with 290 votes
I'm sure most of us remember the episode in which Jan is elected the most popular girl at her school, and how she later goes to the school dance with the most popular boy, who's name is Billy Garst. Next time you watch the Brady Bunch, read the credits... more
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Sherwood - 2.6/10 with 199 votes
In some of the episodes, the kids say they are going somewhere, they mention on more then one occasion, "I am going to Sherwood Street. " Sherwood is the name of one of the producers Sherwood Shwartz
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