Hercules (Disney) Easter Eggs

Wilhelm Scream - 7.0/10 with 1 votes
In the movie after Hercules gives away his strength listen after the titans go to Mt. Olympus. Right after the huge cyclops goes into the city, when the people are running, you can hear the wilhelm scream.

A Musing Flash - 6.9/10 with 180 votes
After Hercules defeats the Hydra the Muses start singing the song "Zero to Hero". About half way through this, one muse sings the line "... is he bold?" At that moment she takes a step forward, her dress flies open, and you can see that she isn't wearing... more
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pic Co-Star, Scar? - 6.4/10 with 196 votes
In the Movie when Hercules is getting his picture painted on a vase he is wearing a lion fur. If you look closely when he takes it off you can see that the fur is Scar from the Lion King.
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Nasty Cradle - 6.1/10 with 187 votes
At the beginning of the movie, when the gods make a cloud-cradle for baby Hercules, look closely at the cradle. There is a p*nis-shaped part of the cradle at the top of it. It grows and then flops back down.

(Special thanks to my younger sister Laura... more
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pic A Hidden Mickey - 6.0/10 with 59 votes
If you haven't heard of the Hidden Mickeys, you're missing out on something great. Tons of Mickey Mouse silhouettes, whether of the head or the whole body, are hidden in each movie Disney makes, as well as various merchandise and all kinds of other things.
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911! - 4.1/10 with 65 votes
When Hercules and his father go to the market place, be ready to listen. When Hercules accidentally knocks over the colums lining the market place, a lot of rocks etc. fall. One of these rocks falls on a boy who then says "IX I I!" In roman numerals this... more
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The Muses' Haunted Mansion - 4.0/10 with 3 votes
In Meg's musical scene "I Won't Say I'm In Love," the Muses are singing "You're doing flips, get a grip, you're in love." They are in the the arrangement as the song busts at the Huanted Mansion Ride at Disneyland.

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