Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Easter Eggs

1337 - 5.8/10 with 8 votes
In the second episode, as John is leaving the computer store you see the address on the door it is 1337. This is in reference to him being a hacker, something Sarah told him specifically not to do in the previous episode.

The Computers Know the Truth - 5.4/10 with 5 votes
In the scene where Cameron goes to the chess computer tournament, one of the "dumb AIs" notices her, and waves (it is the humanised looking torso with a face and arm). When she looks down at the screen which shows a highlighted area around her face.... more
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Terminator's Name - 2.4/10 with 5 votes
John Connor's chief ally in the series is a girl-terminator whose name is Cameron Phillips. Her name is a nod to James Cameron, the director of Terminator and Terminator 2: The Judgement Day.

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