Ratatoiulle Easter Eggs

pic WALL-E Truck Driver - 8.7/10 with 3 votes
In the 'Your Friend the Rat' feature, look closely during the song at the end. During the part about Mars near the end, look inside the driver's seat of the first truck onscreen. You can see WALL-E from the next Pixar movie driving the truck!

"Yes!" joke reel - 8.4/10 with 9 votes
Go to scene selections from the main menu, then go to select main menu and go right to select a flower on the cake, press enter to view a "YES!" joke reel.

pic L'ecole Culinaire De Pixar - 8.0/10 with 2 votes
From the main menu, go to scene selection. There, select 17-20. On the cake to the right, above the rat you will see a flower appear as you navigate there. Click on it, and you will see a short feature about the animators going to a cooking school.

pic Other Possible Titles - 7.2/10 with 4 votes
On the main page, highlight "Your Friend the Rat" and wait for the rats to run towards the stove on the right. As they do, hit the "down" button to highlight the pot on the stove and hit select. You will get a short about the other possible titles for... more
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Wilhelm Scream - 6.7/10 with 3 votes
In the main menu highlight "Lifted" and watch it all the way to the end when the credits roll, when you hear the alarm ringing, pay close attention and you will hear the famous wilhelm scream.

The Containers - 5.7/10 with 3 votes
At the maain menu, highlight set up. Wait a few seconds, and behind the container on the left-hand side it will have a rat peeking out (it's small, but it's there). Highlight it, and there's a commercial for rat poison. The same thing happens on the right... more

Ro-dead Rat Killer - 5.0/10 with 1 votes
From main menu select "Lifted". As the rats run to the left between the stoves, arrow down to the pot on the stove just beneath the "lifted" selction. Then you can enjoy a "cute" short commercial for Ro-Dead Rat Killer. :o)

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