Windows NT Easter Eggs

Freecell Instant Win - 6.8/10 with 696 votes
1. Start a new game.
2. Hold down CTRL+SHIFT+F10
3. Follow the instructions.
4. Double click on a card to do it.
5. (You can make it so when a person makes their first move, they lose the game! ;-) )
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Volcano - 5.8/10 with 868 votes
1. Right click on the desktop and select Properties. Or open Control Panel from the Start buttom/Settings menu and select Display.
2. From the Display Properties, select Screen Saver.
3. Select 3D Text (OpenGL) as your screen saver type.
4. Click... more
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They Are Evil - 4.8/10 with 1043 votes
1. Goto Control Panel
2. Double click Display
3. Goto Screen Saver Tab
4. Change Screen saver to 3D Text
5. Goto Settings
6. Change Display text to "not evil"
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Programmers - 4.3/10 with 136 votes
1. Go to the Main Menu and select Control Panel.
2. From Control Panel, select Desktop.
3. Select Open GL 3D text as your screen saver type.
4. Click on Options to configure the settings for the screen saver.
5. Change the text that the screen... more
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The Shadow Knows - 4.1/10 with 707 votes
1. While at your desktop, press [F1], to display the Help Topics: Windows Help dialog box.
2. Click on the find Tab. (If you haven't done the mumbo - jumbo before, follow the Wizard along...)
3. Click the Options... button, then select the All the... more
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pic Pipes Screensaver - 3.7/10 with 429 votes
1. Open Control Panel
2. Open Desktop
3. Select 3D Pipes (OpenGL) as the screen saver
4. Click Setup, and set the joint style to mixed.
5. When the screen saver comes on - look closely. Every once in a while, a 'teapot joint' will appear.
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Is It Good? - 3.4/10 with 11 votes
Go into the Control Panel in Windows NT, chose 3-D text screensaver and type "I love NT" without the quotation marks. When the screensaver goes a question will appear rather than what you've actually typed

More OpenGL Eggs - 1.6/10 with 311 votes
1. Go to Control Panel/Desktop/ScreenSaver
2. Change Screen Saver to OpenGL/3D-Text
3. Edit Settings
4. Change text to "BEER" (without quotes) for list of beers
5. Change text to "Rock" (without quotes) for list of bands
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Still More OpenGL Eggs - 1.5/10 with 154 votes
1. Run Control panel
2. Select desktop
3. Select 3D Test (OpenGL) screen saver
4. Select setup
5. Enter "MUSIC"
6. Press OK to save settings (or try test first)
7. Press OK to save
8. The screen saver will display a list of bands when it... more
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