Amiga Easter Eggs

Hidden Amiga Messages - 7.2/10 with 239 votes
1. Hold Left-Shift, Left-Alt, Right-Shift and right-alt
2. Press any of the F keys and get a message!
3. To get a rude message toward Commodore, do this
4. Hold down the same as step 1 and hold down an f key
5. Insert a disk and you get the message... more
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AmigaOS 3.X Easter Eggs - 7.0/10 with 55 votes
1. Turn on your 3.x Amiga and boot into workbench.
2. Make sure you have less than 16 processes / windows open.
3. Hold down all ctrl, alt and shift keys. (a friend could be useful here)
4. Start opening About boxes, the 16th one should have credits... more

WB 1.2/33.166 Preferences Egg - 7.0/10 with 53 votes
There are two pictures of a mouse side by side. Click all four the 'buttons' on the mice from left to right five times. Now select Printer Setup, scroll to the top then bottom of the list. The titlebar will now change to 'Congratulations RJ' - a reference... more

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