Zelda: Link's Awakening Easter Egg - Enemy Cameos

Link's adventure is peppered with familiar enemies from the Super Mario games, as well as a few others. Many of them appear in the side-scrolling sections, but some are standard dungeon enemies.

The Yoshi Doll - The first item in the trading sequence can be won from the Crazy Game in Mabe Village. The grand prize is a Yoshi Doll. The item's description says that Yoshi has been showing up in all sorts of places.

Bow-Wow & Little Bow - While walking through Mabe Village you can't miss this menacing (yet harmless) beast. It's one of Madame Meowmeow's pets, Bowwow. She also keeps two smaller ones as well. These unusual pets are based on the Super Mario enemy Chain Chomp who first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3. Chomp's Japanese name is Wanwan, which is the noise a dog is said to make. Hence "Bowwow" in the English version.

Anti-Kirby - One of the enemies in Eagle Tower is called Anti-Kirby (just "Kirby" in Japan). The enemy is based on Nintendo's puffball hero Kirby. He hops around looking cute, and then tries to suck you into its mouth and eat you.

Blooper - A squid that swims around under the water. Originally from Super Mario Bros.

Boo - This ghost will advance on you in the dark, but light the room up to chase it away. Originally from Super Mario Bros. 3.

Cheep Cheep - A fish that swims back and forth in the water. Originally from Super Mario Bros.

Goomba - A little mushroom that walks back and forth. Jump on its head for a heart. Originally from Super Mario Bros.

Piranha Plant - A bulbous flower that appears out of pipes during the side-scrolling sections. Originally from Super Mario Bros.

Pokey - This multi-tiered cactus can be found in the desert. Slash it to remove segments of its body, and finish off the head. Originally from Super Mario Bros. 2 (Dokidoki Panic in Japan).

Shy Guy - Known as Mask-Mimic in this game, it walks around copying your movements. Charge up your sword to defeat it. Originally from Super Mario Bros. 2 (Dokidoki Panic in Japan).

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Contributed By: Steven LeBlanc on 05-05-2009
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