Hot Fuzz Easter Eggs

A Director Cameo - 8.0/10 with 2 votes
During the opening explanation of how amazing Angel is, it shows him being stabbed in the hand by a deranged Santa Claus. Santa's character is played by famous director Peter Jackson. Jackson is a friend of Edgar Wright
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Cameos - 7.8/10 with 5 votes
Hot Fuzz has a few uncredited cameos. To name two:
"Lord of the Rings" director Peter Jackson is the man dressed as Santa who stabs Simon Pegg at the beginning of the movie.
"Jeanine", Simon Pegg's masked girlfriend, is portrayed by Cate Blanchett.

Another Reference to Shaun of the Dead - 6.5/10 with 6 votes
At the church fete scene in Hot fuzz Sergent Angel wins at the rifle range. Before he gave the air rifle to Ed who accidently shot the man running it in the leg.

In shaun of the dead. In the pub scene when they get the gun shaun (simon pegg) says... more
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Corneto - 6.0/10 with 1 votes
In Shaun Of The Dead when Shaun goes to the store, he asks Ed if would he like something. Ed replies "Corneto." In Hot Fuzz, whenever Danny and Nicholas go into the shop, Danny always gets a Corneto. Ed and Danny are both played by Nick Frost.

Video Game Music from Shaun of the Dead - 5.8/10 with 4 votes
During the scene when Nick and Danny have the firefight in the pub, if you listen carefully there's a brief moment of silence where you can hear the music from the same video game that Ed plays in the pub in 'Shaun of the Dead'.

Shaun of the Dead Reference - 5.7/10 with 3 votes
When Nick Angel is about to jump the fences, he says something like, "What's the matter? Never taken a short cut?" He says the same thing in Shaun of the Dead before crashing through a fence.
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Nick Angel - 5.6/10 with 14 votes
you may know that the main charactor in the film is called Nick Angel, well the sound supervisor for hot fuzz is called Nick Angel.
this name was used in the film because he was an old friend of the director.

nice find :)

pic Hidden Reference to Shaun of the Dead - 4.4/10 with 16 votes
This can be seen in the trailer for the movie "Hot Fuzz" on the working titles page for the film.
When Nick Frost throws the DVD into the bargin bin, freeze the trailer and you'll see that the DVD underneath is called "Zombies Party" with the exact... more
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References to Other Cop Movies - 1.9/10 with 14 votes
Sgt. Popwell, who Nicholas replaces in Sandford, is named after the racially abused policeman in DIRTY HARRY

Towards the end of the film, a helicopter flies over Nicholas and Danny's head, a reference to BAD BOYS 2. Another reference to Bad Boys 2... more
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