Hannah Montana Easter Eggs

Spiderman 2 Refrence - 9.0/10 with 3 votes
On the episode where Miley goes on a date with an older guy, pause your DVD player on the scene change right after Lily tells Miley that he left(if you dont have it on tape, pay close attention). You will see the same theater that Mary Jane did her play... more

Oooooo...scary - 8.8/10 with 10 votes
In the Halloween episode, while Miley is telling Lilly(Emily Osment) How bad her cousin is, Lilly says "Come on, the next thing that youre going to tell me is that she sees dead people!"
In real life, Lilly's brother(Hailey Joe Osment) played the... more
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Dancing with the Gypsy? - 8.2/10 with 4 votes
At the end of the episode where Jackson hires people to make Rico think he is cursed. At the very end, the Gypsy who is seen throughout the episode is giving Robbie Ray Stewart (Billy Ray Cyrus) a "Reading". Well, she says she sees Robbie Ray Dancing... more

Achy Breaky Heart - 5.6/10 with 7 votes
In the episode where Miley goes on a camping trip, Robbie Ray (Billy Ray Cyrus) and Jackson are trying to catch a mouse, the mouse plays a song on the piano. Then Robbie Ray asks if he knows the song "Achy Breaky Heart". That is one of Billy Ray Cyrus's... more
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Billy Ray Cyrus- Is Billy Ray Cyrus! - 5.3/10 with 9 votes
In the episode where Jake Ryan comes to the school, Miley gets fed-up with Jake Ryan getting so much attention for being famous. Miley tells the reporter shes "Hannah Montana".

To save herself her whole family dresses up. Her dressing up as a bad... more
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East High - 5.0/10 with 3 votes
In the episode where Johnny (Corbin Bleu) comes back and bets on a date with Hannah, they talk about going to school in Arizona, how he played basketball and how it is hot and he couldn't get his "head in the game." This is an obvius reference to him... more
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