Theme Hospital Easter Eggs

Ill Staff - 7.1/10 with 133 votes
1. Click'n'drop a few members of staff into an empty wing of the hospital
2. Trap them inside the wing (ie - cover the floor with a line of plants). There has to be no way for them to escape.
3. Once they are all trapped, click on any/all of them,... more
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Cheat Codes (NOT AN EGG) - 6.3/10 with 157 votes
In the game type these codes on the fax(when you get a message)and then click the big green button. The cheat will be acknowledged with a sound.

7287 = Enables ratshoting level after this level
24328 = Enables cheat mode

Cheat codes for cheat... more
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Cheat - 1.8/10 with 4 votes
when you select a level click on the nurse or somewhere near and you will be able to play the last level

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