System Shock 2 Easter Eggs

Dancing Robot - 7.4/10 with 38 votes
The way I did it is.
1. Choose Navy for your carreer.
2. Go through 2 different years of posts.
3. On the 3rd year go to the windows by the
Mission Posts and Shuttles, look in the window
with the robot in there and youll see him doing
... more
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Play Basketball - 7.0/10 with 71 votes
1. Before going into the UNN building at street level, go to the wall opposite the Registration Building.
2. Look for a short ledge (it's on the right).
3. Walk up to it and "mantle" (hold down space and walk forward)
4. Look at the basketball and... more
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Developer Face on Rumbler - 4.5/10 with 15 votes
This isn't too hard to see, you just have to kill one of the Rumblers from the game to see it. On the right (left?) 'shoulder' of the Rumbler there is a face painted on the skin of the rumbler. If I'm not mistaken this is one of the developers. I saw... more
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