System Shock 2 Easter Egg - Play Basketball

1. Before going into the UNN building at street level, go to the wall opposite the Registration Building.
2. Look for a short ledge (it's on the right).
3. Walk up to it and "mantle" (hold down space and walk forward)
4. Look at the basketball and right click to pick it up. (In the game you can summon it by pressing SHIFT-: and typing in (with no quotes) "summon_obj basketball")
5.In the gym on the recreation deck (where you fight the first rumbler), right click on the basketball to shoot (this isn't easy... you can try to drop it from the balcony).
6. Keep trying. If you make it, you'll get a special message.

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Contributed By: Bob on 10-18-1999
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Special Requirements: System Shock 2
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I saw the comment after I heard the weird sounds (A monkey throwing a wrench in the works maybe?) and looking for clues to where the transmitter code is I guess Bananas caught my eye the code from "Strings.crf" EmailName12:"A. BANANAS 12.JUL.14\nre: Join us?\n" EmailPortrait12:"BANANAS" EmailIcon12:"banana" EmailText12:"Things are going according to plan. We've managed to turn the Many against SHODAN, and you've been stupid enough to stick your neck out for that overbearing uber-computer. Why not join us? While you've been stockpiling ammo, med hypos and hi tech gadgets, we've collected every last piece of nuts, bananas and coconuts onboard. Just say the word, and you'll get plenty to eat, an attractive hirsute companion, and a tire swing of your own. In the end, isn't that what really matters?\n"
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Velnich writes:
The basketball just has to hit the net. The message comes as an email. The stuff you hear is useless, annoying at best so look at your pdf (log recorder) to read the message. He he ha ha etc.
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Kreek writes:
It's a message from the psi monkeys with a subject called "bananas" and it's inviting you to a party i think it's been a while since i got it. -Kreek Die? Die! I can't die! I am God you pathetic program!
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adamb0nd writes:
I tried to open strings.crf, because im intrested in seeing all the logs. How ever, its all encrypted. How can i get it into solid english like you did to find the monkey log?
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Jesster writes:
I must have tried for hours to get the ball into the basket. I even tried to summon a series of benched to get the ball to fall directly in the basket. Every time yielded the same result... the ball would fall through the hoop as if it were not even a solid and nothing would happen. I've already beaten the game as a hacker/marine and i really want to know what the message says. what does it say exactly... or.. what am i doing wrong? When i clicked on the ball..while it was in the inventory nothing happened. When i drug it out and released the button it merely fell. The ball would not shoot- and dropping from above was also a fruitless endeavor. Reply with any suggestions or the contents of the message-thanx :)
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Ummmm, Yeah, I have been trying to do this several times. And after a while I finally made it, but, I didn't see a message what should I look for? Also when i made it a ball just kinda well through the basket, does it have to be right on? THANX!
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alexkozak writes:
can someone tell me what it says? i couldnt get the basketball in the hoop... it is really hard and i tried for 2 hours!
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