Diablo Easter Egg - Hidden message on the ground

If you observe the ground as you walk through town in Diablo you will find a common pattern in the discolorations. Specifically the brown patterns take the shapes of "s", "e"and "x". This is easiest to see around the town portal site. Looks like Diablo was meant to appeal to more than our desire for monster killing.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 03-14-2000
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Special Requirements: Diablo
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Jonathan Tu writes:
Is there a spot with the supposed letters in an actual S-E-X formation, or are they scattered about randomly? If it's the latter case, yeah, the answer is that you're probably predisposed to see them anyway. And anyone who doubts the existence of the Ariel nudity shot in Little Mermaid is a heretic.
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PCG342 writes:
While I cannot deny that the markings do look like "s,e, and x", those are some of the simplest random shapes to make. If you honestly think that spells the word "sex," you are pathetic.
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Dante486 writes:
Actually, the "SEX" word in Disney isn't "SEX" at all but rather "SFX", a common abbreviation for Special Effects. All the smoke, clouds, etc. were done digitally, so it's just the garden variety Easter Egg - made by computer geeks who want something cool to show friends and neighbors. Thanks for playing... we've got some lovely parting gifts for you.
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Jeremy writes:
Umm, no.. there is no Ariel nudity at all... and the odd shaped tower is not intended to look like that... There is cloud that looks like SFX, not SEX...in the Lion King. Theses are just myths guys... the only EVER nude scene in a Disney movie was an early VHS version of the Rescuers, where a naked woman's picture was inserted into two passing frames. Disney are very strict on this sorta thing apparently, and the copies of the VHS were recalled... if there were ANY other adultish references/pictures in any other Disney movie, then they'd also be investigated and recalled. http://www.snopes.com/disney/films/rescuers.htm As you can see from this website, the rescuers is the only true urban legend http://www.snopes.com/disney/films/
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(Music) "If cryogenics were all free, then you could live like Walt Disney and live for all eternity inside a block of ice!" There are indeed subliminal messages in Disney films, just like on Coke machines and ice cream commercials. We have gotten used to it, and as such stop bickering about it. The whole thing is, this is meant for mature people, so there it is most possible that, if not pretty likely that, the put in "S" "E" "X" into the ground of Diablo. Like I said, we are old enough and smart enough to know that subliminal is there, and that we should ignore it and focus on the product for the RIGHT reasons instead of the wrong.
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Lagolas writes:
I noticed this easter egg too, and the word sex was not scrambled or anything like that. though I only thought I saw it for a second, so I guessed I imagined it
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Krystale writes:
Hey, isn't this subliminal messaging? You can't deny sex sells and... well, yeah. Also with the thing in the start-up screen.
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Slade writes:
Now, don't be silly; chances are that the dirt on the ground is not actually like that, but that YOU, looking for anything that might be even vaguely related to sex,happened to interpret the coincidentally-shaped dirt roads into those letters. It happens all the time -- people have seen the word sex in everything from Disney movies to the posters in subway stations, and yet no-one had yet been able to prove it.
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PhluX writes:
Ive noticed something like what the poster explained, but its just because the terrain is tiled, like the artist made a grey patch of ground, then a darker grey patch, and they just tile these squares to create the effect of natural ground. Look around the river bend, every corner has a certain black spot that every river bend corner (or most has) they just used the same bend over and over, and look at the ground around the bend, actually do this and you will see what i mean by tiles. the illusions of the letters s e and x could be deliberate of the artist or just mistakes.... not sure of that one
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It probably in there on purpose, they were probably playing on the fact that Disney does this all the time. This has been done more recently in Monkey Island 4, in the main. By the way, the word SEX appears in the Lion King just about every time a cloud/splash of something flies in the air, but there is NO Ariel nudity shot in the Little Mermaid.
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Raxian writes:
Actually there are sexual symbols in some Disney films and covers. I have a copy of the Little Mermaid and well....in the back ground...one of the towers is shaped like a ...(and its not my mind playing tricks on me, its rather obvious and defined. I thought it was just a rumor until I actually saw it)
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jaystang87 writes:
To clear up the Ariel nudity, it does exist in the earlier versions (when my parents dubbed it onto a vhs tape in the 80's(?) ) but when i recently had to watch it with my younger cousins, it no longer existed. Lucky for me, I (well, my parents anyway) still have a copy that has the nudity. yup, sex sells
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