Age of Empires Easter Egg - Cheat Codes (NOT AN EGG)

1. Press enter for chat mode
2. Enter the code
3. Jack be nimble: cantapult fire villagers and cows
4. Hoyohoyo: your preists have hit points of 600!!!!!!!!!!
5. Gaia: You control the animals but lose control of your humans
6. Flying dutchman: juggernauts can go on land
7. Big Bertha: catapults have a kill diameter of 10!!!!!!!!!!
8. Press enter and enjoy!

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Contributed By: Abi Huynh on 07-08-1999
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TLF writes:
More Codes: Reveal Map : Reveal the entire map No fog : Remove the fog of war (you must have revealed the entire map first) Pepperoni Pizza : 1000 food units Coinage : 1000 gold units Woodstock : 1000 wood units Quarry : 1000 stone units Diediedie : You all die Resign : You resign Hari Kari : Suicide Big Daddy: One for car lovers Steroids : All units and upgrades Photon Man : Create a nutter with a laser rifle Medusa : Turns villagers in Medusa when they're killed Homerun : Win the scenerio ICBM : Long-range ballista Kill# : Kill player in position # The flying Dutchman cheat also turns the juggernauts into powerful ships. I also have a full list of helpful tips and hints for Age of Empires, if you would like to see them please email me. =)
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Alex writes:
Here is another code missed off the list above. (Do not enter the brackets) This is to be entered after pressing the "enter" key also: "PEANUTBUTTER"-1,000,000 food, wood, gold, and stone
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Giebs writes:
Type in HOYOHOYO before you research all the temple technologies in the Bronze Age, then reseach all the technologies at the temple and your and your priest will have 1200 hit points and will move even faster. Note: For this to work you have to start in the Bronze Age or earlier.
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