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add these codes in your browser's address bar while at a php site
Ex: while having site up:
and one of these 4 codes after the php:

Shows Different Things (
Fish (wanda)
Hit ALT-F2 in your gnome desktop and type ‘free the fish'
To remove Wanda from desktop, type killall gnome-panel in a shell
Fish Game?
ALT-F2 and type ‘gegls from outer space’
Date Egg
Open a shell and type'ddate' to show gag version of current date
also try with other dates Ex. ddate dd mm yyyy
star Wars In open office calc
open open office calc or type oocalc in a shell and put ' =Game("StarWars") '
in any cell
Oofice Team
In open office calc
open open office calc or type oocalc in a shell and put ' =STARCALCTEAM() '
in any cell
ooffice flight sim
This easter egg is embedded in the spreadsheet software Calc (from the OpenOffice suite). In case you don't have it you can download it from here This easter egg is a beautiful flight simulator embedded in the software. To see it follow the steps given below
Start Openoffice calc from the Menu or from the command line by giving the command oocalc
Click on sheet 3 to go to the third sheet.
In the range drop-down box type A2000:L2000. This will select the 2000 th row.
Now while pressing the key combination CTRL+ALT+P click on the background colour icon.
Keep CTRL+ALT+P pressed for about 45 seconds.
After going through all this steps a screen will popup and start a flight simulator game. Follow the instructions and enjoy the game. If nothing has happened after all this time, either you have not followed instructions properly or have missed something. Follow the steps again and you are likely to succeed this time round.
open office writer

Launch Writer.

Type 'StarWriterTeam' and press F3.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 01-23-2008
Reviewed By: MonicaIngram
Special Requirements: Gnome and Linux
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Easter egg in Konsole on Open SuSE 12.2
Easter egg in Konsole on Open SuSE 12.2

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trogoz writes:
ddate is not an Easter Egg. It is a program to convert Gregorian dates to Discordian dates.
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