Tamagotchi Easter Egg - Tamagotchi Easter Eggs

Step 1: Go to the shop screen and press button A
3 times in 2 secends until the shop keeper looks

Step 2: Now just type in the codes shown below:

Note: All Items and food are free first time used, you wll have to pay for the secend time you buy them

V4 Shop Codes:
Pen - BBCA CCCA (15000gp)
Honey + Love Potion - CCBA AABB (7000gp)
Steak - ACAB ACAC (1400 gp)
Clone - BAAB ACBA (14000 gp)

Rare Cell Phone:
The last code you enter from above will not give you the item but instead, will give you a Rare Cell Phone However you can still get the item by typing in the code again and purchasing
the item for the amount it specifies. I recommend entering the code for "CD3" last because it is free so you will not have to
purchase it. his is the same for v3.

V3 Shop Codes:
Cake - ABBA ACBA (600p)
Steak - BCAB ACBC (800p)
Cuckoo Clock - CBAC CABC (4000p)
RC Car2 - AABB CACB (2800p)
Stuffed Animal + Nyatchi costume - CACA BABC(2500p)
Hair Gel - ACBB BACC (400p)
Love Potion / Honey - BCBC CABA (2000p)

V2 Shop Codes:
Cake - ABBA CBCC (600p)
Steak - BACB CACB (800p)
Honey - BCBA CABA (3000p)
Stuffed Animal + Panda Costume - CBAA CABC (2500p)
Hair Gel - ACBC ABAC (400p)
Drum - ABCC ABAC (250P)
Love Potion - BCBA CABA (3000p)

More Tamagotchi codes at: http://www.cheaterzclub.com/tamagotchi.shtml

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Contributed By: ben on 08-03-2007
Reviewed By: racedogg2, dicai
Special Requirements: Tamagotchi v4,v3,v2
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