Half Life 2: Episode 1 Easter Egg - Resistance?

Ok, basically I was playing Episode 1 the other day and got to the part where you have to safeguard the citezens as they cross the courtyard to the train station. As I dropped off the first group, something written on the wall caught my attention, (the wall opposite where the citezens wait after you have dropped them by the train). The equation for finding the resistance of a material (Resistance = Rho x Length/Area) had been written on the wall, however, with some subtle changes; R is written backwards and A is replaced with the anarchy sign. Also please note, the sign for 'Rho' is what looks like a small p.
I found this pretty interesting. It is definately placed there on purpose and I think is also relevant to the game as it is a physics equation, and the source engine relies heavily on physics.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 06-30-2007
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Resistace equation!!!! here it is in EP.2
Resistace equation!!!! here it is in EP.2

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SepulSchizo writes:
Very nice find :)
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GeneCircuit writes:
Actually, the equation IS about resistance, Rho or p is the resistivity. I just learned all this while studying MCAT physics. But you are correct in that this equation has more to do with electricity than gravity/force (which relates more to the 'physics' engine in HL). In fact, in half life there's always a bunch of physics related equations. In HL 1, you can see the periodic table and equations for gravitational force Gmm/r^2 on a white board in the beginning. In HL2: episode 2, you can see a ton of equations when Magnusson is explaining how to use the strider buster. They are equations on gravitational potential energy (F=mgh), elastic potential energy (F=1/2k*x^2), kinetic energy (1/2mv^2), and a few i don't recognize. But who cares, half life series is freaking sweet.
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Montag writes:
Actually the formula for resistivity (or the material constant for resistance), but still... very good find, this is my favourite type of egg so well done
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Juggalo669 writes:
I can't remember exactly where (I think it's in the part of the building before the train repair bay) there's some graffiti showing the evolution of man from monkey to man to combine soldier. Not exactly an egg, but still an interesting bit of trivia.
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Well, Gordon Freeman IS a physicist.
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I am not sure but I think that there were loades of equations in HL two. In Black Masa East, when you use the lift, there are loades of coridors as you go down. noclip into the big room where the vortoguant and the citizen are plawing chess and i think theres a blackboard. there are also a load of chalked equations on the power genorators in the tunnel where the vortagaunt is zapping them or walking down them or whatever. But you need a really good graphics processor to see them.
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FEAR101 writes:
Well I was playing ep.2 and found the same thing, but I would not have reconized it with out your posting. Should I post it or not?
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