Compaq 3660 pocket_pc Easter Egg - Hidden Picture

push and hold the centre button of the pocket pc while pushing the restart button located on the bottem of the unit. keep on holding the centre button until you get a picture. the picture should be a bird

caution: backup your pda before attempting this egg.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 07-23-2005
Reviewed By: DomFeargrieve, Techneon
Special Requirements: compaq 3660 pocket pc
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The BIRD!!
The BIRD!!

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IpaqFreak writes:
I'm sure this is either a picture of one of the Developers birds, or a drawing by one of the Developers.
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The "parrot"[*] indicates the iPaq is in diagnostic/debugger mode. If you connect the iPaq to a PC w/ a serial port (either via the serial cradle or dongle), then connect to the COM port w/ a terminal program (Hyperterminal), then you can perform various tasks on the iPaq. This is especially useful on "bricked" iPaqs. If an iPaq won't boot, but is able to go into "parrot" mode, AND you have access to another working iPaq of the same model, AND you have the CF sleeve with a 64MB or larger CF card, then it MIGHT be possible to use the debugger to copy the firmware from the working iPaq. Google for "ipaq parrot" for more information. And as stated, going into "parrot mode" wipes the data on the iPaq. It is the same as flipping the hard power switch under the slide door. MAKE SURE you have a good backup before trying it. [*] - It is actually a macaw, but everyone calls it a "parrot".
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Mark Sumone writes:
yes it works on 3660! i think it is a colour test
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