Casio fx-500 MS Easter Egg - Upgrade Your Fx-500ms

You can Upgrade your FX-500MS to FX-500MS2. It is the same of FX-570MS:
1- Mode and choose SD
2- Choose one number and press Data(M+) until it appear "Data Full" . Press = and then choose ESC ( 2) .
3- Press Up Arrow then press 1313131313131313...
4- Press = and it appear "Data Full" , press = . Then press 01 .
5- Ok, your FX-500MS is Upgrade to Version 2 . You can use const, conv, ... You can use mod COMPLX .
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 06-19-2005
Reviewed By: Loginer, DomFeargrieve
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Hmm, I know this egg is NOT for fx-350ms... but I still tried it. There were two different things that happened when doing so: 1) The line where you enter the expression got filled by junk consisting of some weird functions (such as arg and a character resembling a hybrid of T and n) 2) The calculator went back to the normal mode, but I were now able to enter more than 80 x values into the list. This is really useful. However, the fx500ms-like effects such as the CMPLX mode didn't appear. What a shame. That's what I found out.
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koira writes:
This works too in the Casio fx-115MS, with the same effects as described above (corrupted screen, normal mode, etc). It's probably a buffer overflow. Weird!
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