BT Voyager/100 ADSL modem Easter Egg - Access Hidden Statistics About Your Phone Line

If you have this modem, you've obviously installed it.

In your taskbar (near the clock) you will see two arrows that are usually green when connected.

Double click these arrows. You will be presented with a menu of options.

Click "Status" You will see a new screen showing information like "Data Rate" and you may see coloured circles showing information about the status of your line.

Place your mouse cursor over this window. In quick succession click your left mouse button and right mouse button, left right left right left right

You should see extra tabs appear in the window that show advanced information.

Note: If you have the new style visual interface that doesnt have Status or the tab interface, double click the Arrows as before and then simply hit the CTRL + F1 keys on your keyboard to see the hidden features.

This should work on all versions of the Voyager USB modem, be it the original, the 100, or the 105

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Contributed By: extremism on 12-25-2004
Reviewed By: Boneho Chane, sars
Special Requirements: BT Voyager USB ADSL modem (should work on all versions)
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extremism writes:
For most people a lot of the figures and information means little. Its often only really of use for trained telecoms or ISP staff hence its hidden :) If you find your connection drops out regularly you can search for attenuation and SNR margin figures. These are often useful in diagnosing problems or faults on the line. These figures are (if memory serves) under the new "Advanced" button when using the Left/Right Mouse method, or under "DSL LINK" when using the CTRL F1 method. A high attenuation figure or low SNR margin figure (local) might mean the line is incapable of sustaining the connection at the speed supplied for example. This allows the user to have some idea and possibly request a lower speed from their ISP. A lower speed puts less "stress" on the line and the margins should increase and hence the connection becomes more reliable. As you can see its quite technical and probably babble to most people so dont worry if you dont understand it all!
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Is there a manual or guide that you can download to explain all these settings? I have just fitted a combined white box which has a ADSL socket and a BT socket, with the advantage that you do not require a splitter hanging out. It mounted on a sheet of perspex and screwed to the wall with spacers so that the wires are behind and therefore are tidy. By the way you have broken your own rule as you have spelt 'received' incorrectly Kind regards. Paul
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splitpin writes:
yup it works.... but what does it all mean?
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