Mac OS X Easter Egg - Sosumi

1. Start System preferences
2. Click on "Sound"
3. Click on the tab "Sound effects"

The list shows all Mac OS system sounds. The sound "Sosumi" is just a simple beep, but it's name is a reference to Apple Computers' legal disputes with Apple Corps Ltd., The Beatles' record label. Sosumi = "So sue me".
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Contributed By: djg on 11-16-2004
Reviewed By: MrHappyHamster, ConCor
Special Requirements: All (known) versions of Mac OS
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TheBigB writes:
This egg is also in Mac OS 7.5.1-9.2.2 and maybe below that. I never kenw this was an egg but it is stil a selectable sound in System 7.5.1-MacOS 9.2.2. I uploaded a WAV file of it to my server so Windows users can hear the sound if they don't have a Mac.
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Meister Foob writes:
The Sosumi sound effect is in every version of MacOS from System 7.0 and upwards :)
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qwertyuiop writes:
When new sounds for System 7 were created, the sounds were reviewed through Apple's legal department and they objected that one of the new system sound alerts had a name that was "too musical", as per the recent settlement. The creator of the new sound alerts for System 7 and the Macintosh Startup Sound, Jim Reekes, had grown frustrated with the legal scrutiny and first quipped it should be named "Let It Beep", a pun on The Beatles' "Let It Be". When someone remarked that that wouldn't pass legal's approval, he remarked "so sue me." After a brief reflection, he resubmitted the sound's name as sosumi (a homophone of "so sue me"), telling the legal department that the name was Japanese and had nothing to do with music.
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