Terminator 2: Judgement Day Easter Egg - The Hamilton Twins

By the end of the movie, in the factory, two Sarah Conners can be seen in the same take: the "real" Sarah Conner and the T-1000 disguised as Sarah (confusing her son as to who is his real mother). The fake Sarah Conner is actually Linda Hamilton's real life twin sister in her first and only film role. In this case, no special effect or stand-in was necessary.

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Contributed By: Eric on 06-18-2002
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The Hamilton Twins
The Hamilton Twins

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Her sister's name is Leslie. I attended Wicomico SHS in Salisbury, Maryland with them. Funny, I never thought of that (common knowledge around this backwater) as an eegg. --rooster
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The reason why Linda Hamilton's twin sister was used in that particular scene, was because the camera pans from left to right, at one point being right in front of the mirror. Hence a reflection of the camera/crew would be seen. So the actors had to be in perfect sync to pull it off. On the DVD, its commented by Edward Furlong that he was upset this scene was cut because they spent so many hours shooting it.
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Jennifer writes:
Also, there is a scene which I believe was cut, but is on the DVD where Sarah is looking at the chip in the Terminator's head, and as she is "taking his head apart", he is looking in the mirror - only it isn't a mirror image - it's a dummy of Arnie and Linda's sister is simply "copying" everything that Linda is doing, to make it look like a mirror image. I can't remember why they did this - I think it was to make the cutting up the head look more realistic.
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Meek writes:
If I remember the making of correctly Linda's twin sister also made an appearance during the scene where Linda was having her shoulder wound seen to in the garage lockup. That wasn't actually a mirror it was Linda on one side and her sister on the other.
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