Fight Club Easter Egg - Subliminal Messages

I noticed in the beginning of the movie there are certain frames with hidden pictures. I believe i saw a lady in a red dress and a man standing off to the left. Tyler Banks talks about the hidden pictures later in the movie saying there are things hidden in movies all the time. People dont know they're there but they are. right before he discusses the cigarette burn feature.

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Pictures and Videos

1. Tyler - at the copy machine 2. Tyler - in the doctor's office 3. Tyler - in the
1. Tyler - at the copy machine 2. Tyler - in the doctor's office 3. Tyler - in the "first time i met the big moosie" scene
4. Tyler - the fourth is as Marla walks down the alley The fifth time you secretly see Tyler in the movie's beginning. The hotel welcomeing video.
4. Tyler - the fourth is as Marla walks down the alley The fifth time you secretly see Tyler in the movie's beginning. The hotel welcomeing video.

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sikobabel writes:
hey people, i'm here to set the record straight. there are six appearances of tyler before you meet him on the plane. the first is at the copy machine (a blink, left side of the frame, not long after the close-up of the starbucks cup). the second is in the doctor's office, right as he says "that's pain" (another blink, over his shoulder to ther right). the third is in the "first time i met the big moosie" scene (blinks in with his arm around the leader's shoulder as he's calling for one-on-one's). the fourth is as marla walks down the alley (blinks in the lower right corner). his fifth appearance is obvious, he is riding the walkway in the opposite direction. his sixth appearance is the hardest to spot, he is in the commercial for the hotel on the TV, when all the waiters say "WELCOME!", tyler is the rightmost waiter on the tube. didja notice that after the car crash, tyler pulls 'jack' from the driver's side of the car? didja notice that no one answered at the paper street house after jack's apartment is blown up? tyler had to *69 him? but... THE PAPER STREET HOUSE HAS ONLY ROTARY PHONES!!! 'jack' imagined it! there is not one wasted frame of film in this movie, awesome replay value.
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malaclypse2 writes:
Not to sound too obsessive about this one point, but there has been an awful lot of argument here over whether or not Tyler Durden was the name of our humble narrator. Some of us have pointed out where the book specifically points out that Tyler Durden is indeed not the name of the narrator. However, the only point in the movie that conclusively shows that Tyler Durden is NOT the name, however, is in the hotel room right after "Jack," if you want to call him that, first discovers the truth about Tyler. In that scene, he says to "Jack," while "Jack" is discovering the truth about himself, "You are looking for a way to change your life. You can not do this on your own. All the ways you wish you could be, that's me. I look how you want to look, I f*** like you want to f***, I am smart, capable, and most important, I am free in all the ways that you are not. People do it every day: they talk to themselves, they see themselves as they'd like to be. But they don't have the courage you have, to just run with it. Naturally, you're still wrestling with it a bit, so sometimes, you're still you. Other times, you imagine yourself watching me. Little by little, you're just letting yourself become...Tyler Durden." Letting yourself BECOME Tyler Durden? He's obviously not ALREADY Tyler Durden, else that little monologue would have been pointless. And lastly, he also has this discussion with the narrator. When "Jack" says "No, no, you have a house." Tyler replies: "Rented in your name." Obviously, rented in YOUR name. Not Tyler Durden's name, else that would have been a pointless comment, too, because it would be the same name. Sorry about the long-winded quotes, just wanted to share that with you all.
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monsoonboy writes:
This film is complicated upon first watch but a lot clearer in retrospect and the more you watch the easier it becomes to make sense of it. Edward Nortons character suffers with insomnia, narcolepsy and depression and is in the process of a mental breakdown. As a result his mind creates Tyler Durden, a character that develops over a period of a year and becomes more prominent as Nortons conditions get worse, hence the occasional single frame image eventually becoming a full-on imaginary friend. Nortons character is so tired because in the year leading up to when he and Tyler first meet, he is not sleeping - he is making soap, and working at the Pressman Hotel & as a projectionist at night when he THINKS he is alseep (hence the "I wake up places and have no idea how I got there" comment). His name is not Tyler, Jack, Cornelius or Travis - these are all alias's he gives himself for different purposes in the film, his true name is never revealed. Simply, Norton is Tyler, everything Tyler 'does' Norton actually does - only he doesn't realise it because of his narcolepsy etc. instead he see this image of another man doing it, a man that "looks like he wants to look..". The clues to Tylers true identity, or the fact that the Brad Pitt image of Tyler doesn't actually exist are littered thorughout the movie, here are a few examples: Before they meet, as they pass each other at the airport on the conveyor Norton comments "could you wake up as a different person" just as Pitt comes into shot. When they get on the bus only Norton pays a fare. Also, the greasy guy pushes past them both but only apologises to Norton.Later, Norton is on a bus carrying one of the green Project Mayhem files. When Pitt opens the door to Norton after screwing Marla (wearing rubber gloves), Marla asks 'who are you talking to' because of course there's only 2 of them in the house and he is in fact talking to himself. Pitt repeatedly puts words into Nortons mouth - like at the hospital, or when he's standing at the bottom of the stairs & Norton is talking to Marla. Also in that scene, only Norton can hear the noise of the bunk beds being assembled, not Marla. When Norton beats himself up in his bosses office he comments that it "reminded him of his first fight with Tyler" - that is because his first fight with Tyler was actually a fight with himself, and he was therefore beating himself up then as well. There are loads of others, but hope these help.
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plugboy writes:
I've read the book and here is how it is: Tyler had been around for about a year, with the Paper Street house, making soap, projectionist, Pressman Hotel etc etc. The Narrator suffers from what he refers to as narcolepsy. When he sleeps, he has weird dreams and wakes up in strange places with no idea how he got there. For a year, as soon as he falls asleep he becomes Tyler. He thought it was insomnia but in fact the reason he's so tired is because Tyler is running around all night instead of sleeping. Tyler eventually decided that the Narrator needed a push in the right direction so he reveals himself to him as an imaginary friend. The narrator is definitly not called Tyler, or Jack. He even shows Marla his driving licence to prove the fact, though we don't learn what his name is. Oh and in the book, it's Joe's Raging Bile Duct.
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gwen writes:
The possiblilty of there being a brain tumor is eliminated at the very beginnings of the movie. The narrator goes and gets his brain checked out by a doctor because of his problems with insomnia. The doctor verifies that there's nothing physically wrong with Norton- the writer's way of telling us that anything unusual that happens is purely psychological, not affected by a detectable physical disorder that might be inferred otherwise.
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ren1026 writes:
Frame 5894/200194 time: 00:04:05.828/02:19:09.799 You will see tyler on the left of your screen, looking confused frame 9063/200194 time: 00:06:18.002/02:19:09.799 you will see tyler smileing behind the doctor frame 10861/200194 time: 00:07:32.994/02:19:09.799 You will see tyler with his arm around the lecturer frame 18114/200194 time: 00:12:35.504/02:19:09.799 you see tyler smoking on the bottem right of your screen frame 208351-28461/200194 time: 00:19:42.472-00:19:47.060/02:19:09.799 tyler walks by, behind jack frame 29187-29133/200194 time: 00:20:17.341-00:20:19.259/02:19:09.799 He is the waiter on tv in the bottem right of the telivision screen. Frame 195973/200194 time: 02:16:13.707/02:19:09.799 There is a p*nis that lasts for three frames Frame 47270/200194 time: 00:32:51.678/02:19:09.799 cigerette burn in upper right hand corner
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M writes:
Notes from the book: In the book its strongly suggested that the narrator does have a life threatening disease. This is not directly the cause of his duality or anything though but it means that he knows his days are numbered and thus could be the cause of his irrationality The narrators true name is not revealed. What does it matter? Who knows what the name of the other guy in Withnail and I is? The whole point is that there is an identity crisis here. Not telling the viewer the name of the hero gets this point across. The books ending is alot different to the film. In the book he shoots himself but doesn't die. He thinks that he has killed tyler and that they are both in heaven but you can work out they're actually in padded cell (all white and soft like clouds!). 'though the dreamers die the dream lives on'- the book ends by suggesting that the movement he has started is continuing on without him (or perhaps with tylers direction still) as one of the orderlies tells him the opperation is continuing according to plan. Because the mainstream american boxoffice doesn't understand the idea of anything appart from a happy ending the end is changed for the film. In the film what i think the director is getting at is that Ed Norton fools tyler durden into thinking he/they is/are committing suicide. Tyler closes his eyes before the shot and in thinking he dies, does. Its a complicated idea that two characters inhabitting the same brain could fool each other and maybe the gunshot is more symbolic of Ed Norton 'reaching the bottom' even more and regaining control of his conciousness.
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lpermhsu writes:
Wow!!! I Can't Believe No One Realized This Out Of All The Posts. Me, my sis and her friends realized this so quickly. Remember when he phone calls Tyler to look for a place to crash; well he hangs up and it starts ringing again. The narrator turns around and the camera zooms in on the fine print on the phone, and it clearly says "No Incoming Calls Allowed!!" So thats a great indication that it is impossible and it's all his imagination. Guys!!! Check it out, you'll be shocked at what you missed.
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To a way earlier comment:You indeed can *69 on a rotary phone,you dial 1169, therefore the earlier comment on the paper house is null.
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Brandstamp writes:
Has anyone noticed the arrow on the sign that says something like "Parking Elevator" points one way, and then when Ed's character looks at it again, it points the other way? By the way, this is the scene where he's running around in his underwear, after he shoots the glass door and just before he finds the van full of nitro.
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Figure writes:
Could it not be that Ed Norton has given himself another name for yet another therapy group? Cornelius for Testicular Cancer..... Tyler for Fight Club?? Hey, just a comment. ~Figure
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daedalus1337 writes:
I noticed this since the first time I watched the movie, I'm the kind of person that thinks deeply about every line, so that's how I noticed it :) The first time I saw it, I thought it was a slip up because I didn't know that Jack and Tyler were the same person. Anyway, when Tyler is burning Jack's hand with the Sodium hydroxide, Jack says "I'm going to my cave, I'm gonna find my power animal" or something along those lines. Tyler says "Don't deal with it the way those dead people do!" An obvious reference to the cancer/parasite patients. HOWEVER, this topic is NEVER discussed between Tyler and Jack. Jack never tells tyler about the support groups and about their method of meditation. One more little hint :) I don't know if he says anything to Tyler about it in the book, however...can anyone say?
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Caroline writes:
To explain some other questions raised you need to understand that because the main character is Narcoleptic and a Narcoleptic as well as dreaming when awake can also go into a state of what is medically refered to as 'automatic behavior'. This is when a Narcoleptic appears to be awake but is actually in phase or two sleep. While in this state it is the subconsious that takes over so the Narcoleptic can carry out things which are routine or things which they have been wanting to do, without even knowing they are doing it or remembering they have done it.
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KarinaKarina writes:
OH! I have a theory on the penguin thing, since that was killing me for a week or so. The penguin says "slide" to "Jack". Later on in the movie, right before the computer display blows up thanks to Project Mayhem, "Jack" says "...the ability to let that which does not matter SLIDE". The penguin part was when "Jack" was meditating in a tumor support group, "pre-Tyler". I think the penguin was a premonition of Tyler's beliefs... I'm a total Fight Club fanatic :)
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Cnun writes:
Don't really know where to start but here goes. Tyler has been around for a year. He the manifestation of the narrators contempt for todays consumer driven society. Tyler is everything he isn't. Tyler is created by the narrators unconscious to deal with his overwhelming feelings of contempt. The narrator has responsibilities, he cannot act the way he wants. Tyler allows him this freedom. I think we all pretty much agree on the sleeping/not sleeping issue, but there has been a lot of discussion about the car crash. I believe this is an argument the narrator is having aloud. The passenger do not react to this, because at that point "Tyler" is known or his eccentricity. Remember when Bob sees "Cornelius" for the first time, he tells him of the things he has heard of Tyler Durden, son of psychotics, etc. "Tyler" is granted levity by his followers. Tyler gives the narrator an excuse to live by his own rules, free of the constraints of today's society.
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kelster_dex writes:
i would like to point out that if you listen to the directors commentary, the director points out that edward nortons charater in fact has NO name, jack IS from the articles he is reading (not john, watch the movie!!!!) and that it only says jack in the script in because they needed a name to seperate the narrator from when [edward] speaks. now thats from the director so anyone that tries to discredit the stupid commentary.
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Murdoc writes:
Ok, First off...He has been around 6 months. Right at the beginning it claims this. Second, He has (get ready for this) Dissociative Identity Disorder, Schizophrenia (undifferentiated)and Narcolepsy. Being Narcoleptic does not only mean u fall asleep. Being a Narcoleptic you dream when awake, fall asleep at a random time, and can also go into a state of what is medically referred to as 'automatic behavior'. This is when a Narcoleptic appears to be awake but is actually in phase one or two sleep. While in this state it is the subconscious that takes over so the Narcoleptic can carry out things which are routine or things which they have wanted to do, without even knowing they are doing it or remembering they have done it. Next he has no specific name until the end. Period. If you need me to explain anymore, I will.
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Thackary writes:
Good comments, Kane. At last someone who has some sense! The first subliminal frame is in the hospital, when the narrator is asking for drugs for insomnia, then in the support group, then in the photocopier room, and also after Marla walks off. One more that no one has yet mentioned - right at the end, there is a HUGE! picture of a bloke with no clothes on. That one lasts more than a frame though, so I suppose it can't really be classed as subliminal. Top film.
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Lure writes:
I won't waste lines telling how great is the movie: everybody should already know it by now. Still there's something that's not clear for me: Tyler and WhateverHisName often appear together in presence of other people. In the Club or in the house, they never obviously interfere with each other, for that would sound rather odd to the other people around. But the scene of the car crash disturbs me: how can both personalities in WhateverHisName argue so obviously in front of two members of the Project ? Is it meant to be just an inner fight in the man's mind ? Are the members so brain-washed they don't even seem to notice such a strange behavior ? HELP ME 'COS I NEED TO SLEEP !
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blondoll writes:
Okay- The tumor fiasco has to stop. If anyone has read any of Chuck Pahlanniuk's books (I'm sure many of you have) you will notice that he includes urban legends in his story lines. There is an urban legend that a man found out he had a brain tumor and attempted suicide to prevent suffering. He shot himself in the head and was rushed to hospital. The bullet did not kill him, rather it eradicated the tumor. Urban Legends reoccur through Mr. Pahlaniuk's books, and the tumor in Fight Club is yet another example.
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First off, here is a definition I found of Dissociative Identity Disorder, which I got from Wikipedia, where I also read that this is supposedly the disorder the Narrator has: "A mental condition whereby a single individual evidences two or more distinct identities or personalities, each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment. The presumption is that at least two personalities may routinely take control of the individual's behavior. The diagnostic criteria also calls for some associated memory loss that goes beyond normal forgetfulness, often referred to as losing time or acute amnesia. The symptoms of DID must occur independently of substance abuse or a more general medical condition in order to be diagnosed. Dissociative identity disorder was originally named Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)." And also, in relation to schizophrenia, as many people believe the Narrator has: "Regardless of whether the diagnosis is termed Dissociative Identity Disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder, the condition is in no way related to schizophrenia, as is often believed by the public. The term schizophrenia comes from root words for "split mind," but refers more to a fracture in the normal functioning of the brain, than the personality. Separate from the diagnosis and controversy surrounding DID, dissociation is a demonstrated symptom of several psychiatric disorders, including Borderline Personality Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, to name a few." So which do you think the Narrator has? And one more question: Why does everyone say that in the DVD subtitles the Narrator is named Rupert? I'll watch again, but on mine it just says 'Narrator.'
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Kane writes:
Ed Norton's character is not Jack, he has no name at all. "Jack" was from when he was reading the book with organs "talking" in first-person, as in, "I am Jack's colon," and "I am Jill's nipples." He then used this through the whole movie. And Tyler's name is Tyler Durden, not Tyler Derden :). Also, did anybody remember the part about Marla being Norton's "power animal" the second time he went into his ice cave? Well my theory on that is that Marla helped create Tyler Durden since she stole the only thing Norton had to keep him sleeping at night. Therefore Norton created Tyler and Fight Club as a means of escape that the cancer groups, etc., helped him achieve. Just my theory :)
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ixion writes:
ok. this is what bothers me..... if tyler durden [edward's character] is there to run fight club, imagining himself as tyler.... then why is it that he [the REAL tyler, also refered to as 'jack'] goes on saturdays, bob ['the big moosey'] goes on tuesdays and thursdays. if tyler is REALLY there [at fight club] all the time, then how is it that bob never ran into who he thinks is 'cornelius'? that has been puzzling me for a while. i've pretty much got the rest figured out. i am absolutely ADDICTED to this movie. i bought the video, the soundtrack, the book, and the dvd. that's the only thing i don't understand, though. -ixion []
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animosity writes:
in response to EAHICKS: the flight receipts did have Tyler's name on them, granted. However, this was after the narrator's "fight" with his boss. In his interior monologue as security walks him out of the building, he tells that he also receives a number of FLIGHT COUPONS or VOUCHERS (exact wording forgotten), an implication of paid tickets. Just before he finds that he and Tyler are one person, he calls Marla and asks his name. When she says Tyler, he is very shocked, so I would guess that is not his normal name. I would go out on a limb and guess that in his followers, there may be a member of fight club working at the DMV or someone who makes fake IDs who could come up with enough proof of identification for him to take these open flights under his assumed identity. *steps down from soap box*
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Rett_Rollins writes:
Let me start off by saying that there are certain instances where Norton and Pitt "cross over" eachothers characters. For example if you look closely, Pitt is driving the car, but after it crashes Norton climbs out of the driver's seat. And as far as Norton being Jack or having no name or being Tyler here is what it is: The articles Norton reads aren't even I am Jack's. . . They are I am John's. . . or I am Jill's. . . . I'm not sure he even uses the name Jack in that scene. It wasn't Tyler or the Narrator (Jack) who wrote that article, as some of you have claimed. It was found among stacks of documents and magazines. Rupert, Cornelius and all the other names Jack/the Narrator uses in the support groups are to throw us off. We never really learn his character's name; and its not Tyler. Tyler is his split personality, not him. Now Whether or not Jack is his name is still up for debate. I personally think it is, being that "Jack" was the only name he used when he was talking to himself; he didn't use John or Joe. So why "Jack"? Think about it.
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Tyler McGinn writes:
Ok folks. Edward Norton's character DOES NOT have a name, I'm sure he HAS a name but it is not intended to be known in this film. The name "Jack" is only used as a means to distinguish Edward and Brad's characters in the credits or in discussions such as these eggs and whatnot. Norton's character refers back to the books about Jack's body parts when he is referencing himself Ex. "I am Jack's complete lack of suprise." If by some chance a person did not know who edward norton and brad pitt were and they saw this film, they wouldn't want to see this in the credits - Edward Norton as Tyler Durden, Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden.
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BrettW writes:
A few points: - Although the DVD subtitles may say his name is "Rupert", it's one of the false names he gives at the support groups. - The tumour theory is apparently intentional as Tyler's last words "What's that smell?" is reference to some guy who had a brain tumour and had similar problem to our protagonist. Tyler's last words is apparently the same as this guy's. (Sorry about not remembering the guy's name) - Also I believe that whenever Tyler and the Narrator argue, it's either mentally or he basically talks to himself. Project Mayhem members would have accepted his lapses of insanity because of his brilliant insight and leadership (which would have required Tyler to be a least a little crazy). Read the book. Tis very good and is quite different to the movie. The Narrator's final spiral-into-destruction is amazing and the ending is subtly different.
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animosity writes:
The creation of Tyler, some theorize that it was because of Marla's showing up and keeping him from sleeping, but clues in the movie will disprove that. When he tries to tell off Marla in the support group, he tells her he's been going there for nearly or around a year (I can't remember the exact wording). After meeting with Tyler at the bar and going back to the Paper Street house, he said that Tyler told him he'd been living there around a year. He created Tyler around the time he started going to support groups. One group was close to the Paper street house, as one night when he was walking, he walked past a place where Marla was coming out of a support group which they split. This is likely how he found that house, walking around (as Tyler) in that area for miles (as it was half a mile from any major buildings on either side.
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Mike woz ere writes:
On rewinding the movie there are a shed load of ways that you can tell Tyler Durden is taking over The Narrators life. The most obvious one is in the office with his boss where he beats himself up and remarks "for some reason this reminded me of my first fight with Tyler" because he was beating himself up then too only he was imagining Tyler beating him up. There are many others and you can post them too if you like. A scitsophrenic insomniac, who'd a thunk it!
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Brett writes:
I love this movie as much as the next guy, but i have a question thats been bothering me ever since I saw it. In the scene where Project Mayhem is present at the big "Project Hope" ball,and Tyler grabs the detective and pulls him into the bathroom, what bothers me is how could Tyler grab him and drag him in while "Jack" is still able to turn around and lock the door. Just bothered me a little. If anyone has any insight, please let me know...
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Spaar writes:
Ok, here's a few things that I'd like to add. This is just my own personal opinion, so it may not be correct. If you notice the first time that you actually see "Tyler Durden" (The airport moving walkway scene), he's wearing a white suit and some funky sunglasses (I think). What does this have to do with anything. Well, Tyler Durden despises the rich. In that scene he's wearing a nice suit and an expensive pair of sunglasses. Before that, he only enters as blinks. So here 1 of my theories. "Jack" has been forming Tyler in his mind through those blinks, but he could never give it any real form. As soon as he sees some guy, he models Tyler Durden after him. Where do I get this "Tyler Durden despises the rich theory?" Well, if you remember the scene where Jack and Tyler get on the bus, Tyler asks Jack, "Is that a man?" referring to the Gucci (or whatever) advertisement. He also talk about how people's things own them right before the "Hit me" scene. Just a theory, what do you guys think?
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Smoothie251 writes:
Fight Club is truly a great movie. The sign of a great movie is a small number of loyal followers, and the fact that the movie stimulates a large amount of discussion. Fight club has both. And can someone please tell us all 8 times Tyler appears? I have six. 1. The copy machine 2. The Doctor 3. The testicular support group. 4. When Marla is walking away. 5. on the TV saying "welcome" 6. At the airport. Also, did anyone notice that Tyler only appears when the narrator cannot sleep? He doesn't appear after the narrator starts going to the support groups, until Marla comes along, that I can tell.
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theorgg writes:
The most amazing thing in this movie is that the "representation" works on another whole level. Tyler Durdan is obviously what the narrator wants to be like, as the quote above illustrated. He also represents a man's "id," the same thing. Take this movie as an allegory for man's thoughts, feelings, and desires as The Crucible is to the 50's red scare. Aside from Tyler, The Narrator's "Jack" character is a representation of man's self-image and his self doubt. Marla is a representation of a person's conscience. Notice how "Jack" is always telling her to go away? The Fight Club represents man's bloodlust that turns into a need for power and control. The members of Project Mayhem even represent something: Man's need to fit in with itself. This Movie is definatly one of the best ones of the 90's. I have no doubt of this. As soon as it's possible, I'm going to get the book.
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OK check this people. That brain tumor thing? Not happening... You're not going to cure a brain tumor buy shooting yourself thru your cheek. OK also, in the very first script, Edward's name IS Jack. They probably changed it so it made more sense when people thought about how he didn't have another name. This is how things like, "I am Jack's complete lack of surprise came about." Basically he is talking about himself in the third person. About the magazines.. this is how it was in the first script. JACK ("Reader's Digest") "I am Joe's Lungs." It's written in first person. "Without me, Joe could not take in oxygen to feed his red blood cells." There's a whole series -- "I am Joe's Prostate." The name was changed to Jack in the movie for obvious reasons, they wanted a reason for the "I am Jack's..." sayings. So here goes.. his name wasn't Jack in the movie and it wasn't Tyler. About the part in the movie where Marla asks him his name, and we don't see it, this is what happens. MARLA It doesn't have your name. Who are you? Cornelius? Mr. Taylor? Dr. Zaius? Any of the stupid names you give each night? Jack starts to answer, but the traffic noise is too loud. Marla just shakes her head, turns, and keeps moving. A BUS moves into view, obscuring her. Ok now, with the dildo bag and the apartment. His bag really did have a bomb in it. Another thing set up by Tyler. It did blow up, but was taken out of the final movie. Jack also sees Tyler drive off in the car. You can hear a person screaming after him in the background if you turn it up a bit. He's obviously off to blow up the apartment, because Jack reaches it still in flames only minutes later in the movie. EXT. EMPTY RUNWAY A lone SUITCASE sits on the concrete. SECURITY PERSONNEL keep their distance. KABOOM! The suitcase explodes. OK.. so those are the things I had to say. People have to understand that just because things that weren't put in the final showing of Fight Club, it doesn't mean it didn't happen.
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Okay, I can't write as much as everybody else, but I did want to say that I love this movie, and am very addicted to it. I even went out and bought Valerian root today....anyway, I don't know if it's been addressed, and I'm sure many people have seen this, but I just thought, hey, maybe it'll help's just a cool little thing. When Marla and Tyler are screwing loudly, and Ed Norton's character stops, and Tyler comes over to say "wanna finish her off?", it's interesting to note that Marla says "Who are you talking to?" (His response: Shut up) FIGHT CLUB - not many movies can compare. Its issues against consumerism, of dual personalities, and just everything are amazing. I'm glad to have found so many people who understand, love, and talk about Fight's good to know I have company!
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itomcatt writes:
Wow!! Alot of differing opinions here. Hope you don't mind if I add mine. Insanity in itself is the distortion or complete regression from reality. As stated in so many comments previous to this, Tyler says he has been in the apartment for about a year. By this time, Ed has advanced so far into his insanity that his real personality is far gone. He doesn't even know who he really is, therefore the identity is never given as he is telling the story, and by this time can't recall who he is. I think the writer did very well at portraying this when he has Ed use so many false names at the support groups.
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kama212 writes:
the narrator does not have a tumor. he says, quote, "If I had a tumor, I'd name it Marla." IF I HAD. henceforth, he has no tumor.
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rodot writes:
The first rule of fightclub is that you must not talk about fightclub.....the 2nd rule of fightclub, is that you must not talk about fightclub...
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warren writes:
Also, Lure above Servilcat. I believe that in the car the thing is he is thinking out loud and sometimes the people in the back answer and sometimes they are just sitting there because they know that Ed Norton is a bit crazy and may get into a lather and ask rhetorical questions to which he answers himself. (they think it was himself) Does that help. Maybe I'm wrong but that is what I see.
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There's so much speculation on this movie I might as well add a theory. First of all, I enjoy it simply as an ego-trip fantasy, which has little regard for semantics. But if you look at it from the author's point of view, it might be possible that he considers himself Tyler Durden, and the nameless confused "Jack" character is you. Whenever the two are talking, it's usually Tyler lecturing to Jack, in a sense narrating the direction of the story. The Tyler Durden character is a bully, being friendly just long enough to goad another fight out of Jack. A bully can't have any fun with you if you know well enough to avoid him. The Ed Norton character is intentionally left without identification by the author, allowing the viewer to associate with him more easily (the constant use of internal monologue doesn't hurt either). Obviously the author has something in common with Tyler, or the movie would have been laughable. If you consider yourself Jack, Tyler talks down to you, insults you, beats you, burns you, has sex with your girlfriend, forces you to beat yourself (why are you hitting yourself?), shows you subliminal man parts, tricks you, beats you again, almost gets your balls cut off, and ultimately causes you to commit suicide. You're getting picked on merely by watching. "You caught me at a strange time in my life" are not the words of a triumphant protagonist. At the end you're asked to put yourself in his shoes in the hopes that you'll learn from the experience. Just a theory it's a cool movie in any case
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Joe writes:
Not only are the inserted frames of co-star Brad Pitt, but they also are symbolic to his immersion into Durden's (Norton's) mind.
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Brett writes:
Yeah, I agree with dude on this one. Who the hell is Tyler Banks??
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Kane writes:
A response to a comment posted a ways above this one... about the thing with Tyler Durden going past Ed Norton on the opposite side in the airport. I wouldn't really call it a flash or any sort of hidden thing, but more of something to think about, as the camera focuses directly on Tyler going the OPPOSITE way of Norton. Norton also narrarates something along the lines of, "If you wake up in a different time, in a different place, do you wake up as the same person?" when this scene is shown. Well, in my opinion, the reason Tyler was going the opposite way of Norton was because Tyler in fact was the opposite of him. His life was completely different than Norton's; one obvious fact was that Norton "had to have" all these material possesions, while Tyler lived with nothing and was completely happy doing so. Another thing which I thought was interesting deals with the narration above, and could explain a few things in the movie which doesn't exactly seem to fit. This is about Norton "waking up as a different person." In my opinion, the reason you see Tyler doing one thing and Norton doing another at times, is because of his insomnia. Remember the narration when Norton was watching TV in the beginning of the movie? Something along the lines of, "With insomnia, you're never really awake, and you're never really asleep." Which makes me think that Norton was "nodding off" (but just in his mind, not actually going to sleep) while he played the part of Tyler, such as when Tyler and Marla were having sex upstairs and Norton was forced to listen to it. Another incident is when Norton had no recollection of leading Project Mayhem into spray-painting the happy face on the building, etc. Just my thoughts. :)
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First of all I just want to say Fight Club is the best. Now then, Marla was played by Helen Bonhma Carter. Norton's chracter was called narrator in the credits but whenever he's talking in his head he says "I am Jack's.....". But both Brad Pitt and Edward Norton are playing the same person. Remember when he says "sometimes you imagine yourself as me and sometimes you imagine yourself watching me" or something like that? After he says that it shows little clips of Notrton in the place of Pitt in earlier scenes. So sometimes the other people see Pitt as Tyler (In the car Pitt in Tyler, In the restaraunt when the guy tells him he was there last Thursday etc. And did you notice in the car sometimes there would be no hands on the steeringwheel? As if no one was in the driver's seat as Tyler kept switching between the two?) and sometime's everyone saw him as who norton played (when he was fighting the "your to blonde!" guy, when he went to the police and turned himself in....) Did anyone else catch on the plane when he says "we have the exact same suitcase"? Norton never opens his but Pitt's is full of soap. And did anyone reliaze that one man works 4 jobs and doesn't even know it?
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Jeremy writes:
finally, vampyra, somebody makes sense. If you all would stop freaking out over the movie and trying to figure out everything about it and actually read the book, everything would make sense. Ed norton's character's name is never mentioned, but it's not tyler durden.Tyler had existed in his mind long before he met marla. Tyler had his own life while ed had insomnia, then he left when ed started sleeping again because of the support groups.
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DB writes:
The book came first. In the book you should notice that the only time that Tyler comes to life is when "Jack" or whatever you prefer to call him is asleep. This is not held true in the movie, although "Jack" does mention to his doctor concerning insomnia "What about Narcolepsy? I nod off I wake up in strange places I dont know how I got there..." The first bar scene and the airplane scene and a little of the driving scene is different in the book, if you read the original script you can really tell because those certain scenes were at first written really badly in comparison to the rest of the script which had been true to the book. Overall the book really explains things better, and is more true to the scientific reasoning behind the exsistance of Tyler.
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I haven`t read the book, but I will. Anyways, it seems that most of you have forgot the part where "jack" (his name is not mentioned, but he refers to himself as Jacks ....) asks Tyler how long he has lived in the house. Tyler replies "about a year". If not in this manner, the information is given. Also, he knows everything Tyler has done, without Tyler saying so, like the Marla thing. Remember Jack saying "I knew what had happened before he told me"? This is a reference to him being scizofrenic (however you spell it). He also has some manic depression, but no-one is there for him, so he joins those support groups, where he clearly states that "if I didn`t say anything, people always assumed the worse", and therefore he cries. Then Marla came. Marla reminded Jack that he was a "fake", so he knew that all the compassion from those people was "fake" also. I think Jack could have been (very) depressed, therefore not getting any sleep. The support group thing was a way of "letting it out", but as Marla reminded him, they weren`t there for him. Tyler was made as a relief to his depression about a year before the movie starts. But Jack couldn`t admit to himself that he was mad, and therefore, Tyler had to meet him. In the beginning of the movie, Tyler was so developed, that he was another person, aware that he was a part of Jack. The flashes of Jack could be Jack almost admitting to himself that he`s mad (and just letting it "slide"), or Tyler trying to contact Jack. You have to think of them as two different persons, because that`s what this kind of madness is all about. The final gunshot has nothing to do with a tumor, it is Jack finally realizing he`s mad, and that Tyler does not exist... Just my opinion. I`m going to find the book and read it, so that I may be more correct.
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DarthPoop writes:
Hi. This is just to let you know that there is a movie prop for sale from Fight Club that includes some sort of pay stub for Ed Norton's character. It lists his name as Jack Moore. In the book his name isn't the movie it may or may not really seems insignificant to argue about. I'm more concerned about whether or not gasoline and orange juice concentrate really make napalm. :)
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Full Clip writes:
I've read almost all the posts here, and I'd like to clear a few things up, because I for one have seen the movie approximately 34 times. (Yes, I counted.) I know every line by heart, and I could probably write down the whole movie here if I had to. Anyways, here goes. Brad Pitts' characters name is Tyler Durden, I don't know where some of you got your spelling from, but thats his name. Ed Nortons character is never really named in the movie, only called different things, such as Cornelius, Rupert, Travis, all of these are names he uses at the groups. And something else I think I heard was when (Ed) is in his office his boss comes in with some reports, and I think he maybe called him ?Adams? by his last name. For those of you who think that (Ed) has a brain tumor, thats the dumbest thing I've heard. He doesn't. Would someone with a tumor go around getting into fights? I think not. Also, this speculation of (Ed) and Tyler being different people is also rediculous. How do you explain Marla calling him Tyler Durden at almost the end of the movie? Or people looking at him funny when he talks about Tyler or contradicts what Tyler said? Their the same person. (Ed)s' name isn't Jack, he reads those names off the book covers at the Paper Street house. He also said " I am Jill's nipples" does this mean his name is Jill now? No! Well thats all I can think about for now, but People, please get your stories straight. Thank you.
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Amy writes:
Alright, the only thing I want to clear up is the idea that the narrator's name is Rupert. I'm not saying definitively that that's NOT his name, we just don't know. The only evidence I've found that says his name is Rupert is that the close captioning calls him that. But who writes the captions? Not the author of the book (wonderful book by the way), who I believe has the final say, as he invented the character. Not the director of the film either. The way I see it, in the captions the narrator had to be given SOME name, and whoever wrote them went with Rupert. They are not the real answer. Just something to think about.
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vampyra writes:
If any of you had actually done your homework and read the book "Fight Club" you'd know that the character who creates Tyler DURDEN (not derden, not banks and not dergen) is never addressed by his actual name......he is NOT Tyler Durden. and by the previously mentioned....those flashes are Tyler himself and there are Eight of them throughout the movie.
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warren writes:
YEP. please read the book before saying who he is or isn't. The book clearly states that he is not Jack and he is not Tyler. He is just "me" or "I". To those that have read the book, was it before or after the film. I read it after the film and now will see the film differently when I see it again.
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warren writes:
Hi, again. Just thought I'd tell you that when we see him on the airport moving walkway. I didn't see him and then he came from behind another person. I don't know if this was intentional but it looks good anyway. It looks as though he just appeared.
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Psyche writes:
Ok, right off the bat, Ed Norton's name is never given. Tyler Durden, whatever the spelling, is just the name he gives in Fight Club meetings. It's no more the name on his driver's license than Cornelius or Jack's Complete Lack Of Surprise. The telling sign for me is that, as insane as this guy is, he shows no sign of having suddenly remembered his name during the hotel room revelation. He doesn't say "I'm Tyler Durden" in complete shock, he says "We're the same person." Not the way i'd phrase it in that position.
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I think we should stop concentrating on the names of the characters, because we've already established that the narrator has no name and the made up character (brad pitt) is Tyler Durden. I think everyone should now try and figure out which parts of the movie is Edward Norton actually Edward Norton and which parts he is Tyler Durden. The car crash scene is the most troubling.
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matt writes:
I think the greatest egg in the movie spans to the end of the movie. One of "Narrator"'s (as they call Tyler in the Credits) first fights he gets his head slammed into the cement. He yells out stop, lifts his head and touches his face. The camera shoots to the blood stain on the floor and then back to Tyler. On his search to find Tyler towards the end of the movie he talks about having a feeling of dejavu. He says "The floor still warm from a fight the night before" he bends down and looks at the same blood stain that he looked at when his head was slammed into the ground.
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symbolX writes:
The penguin in the movie is ed norton's 'power animal'. I'm not sure why it says 'slide', but I think it is to encourage norton's character to slide through life and loosen up. Later in the movie the penguin is replaced by Marla because she is interfering with the support groups. "her lie reflected my lie." "I can't do this if another faker is present, so you have to find some place else to go." Just my humble opinion.
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penny writes:
Edward Norton actually was the only cast member that knew the name of his character but he never told the director so they said that jack is what they referred to him as. Yes it is the name of the person in the magazines that they were reading in that one scene where brad is going around on the bike. But When edward norton goes into his boss' office and pretends that his boss was beating him up he refers to himself as jack when he says "I am jacks complete lack of surprise" and also if you have the dvd. when you get to the main menu there is a link to play movie, chapters, and a few others and when you highlight one a sentence comes up that starts with "I am Jacks...." for every different choice. If you also want to know some other easter eggs, look at the scene where tyler is handing out paper assignments to everyone and they're in single file watch when the people start going upstiars you can see meatloaf (BOB) in the back using an oxygen tank cuz inbetween fight scenes he would have trouble breathing, also when they go to the cop dinner and after they threaten the mayor or whoever it is they run by this subway station and as they all run through the double doors meatloafs pants fall down and you can see him bend over to pick the up, and another is after edward norton is trying to get marla to flee town for a while after they go into the restaurant and they order but then leave before even getting food when they get onto the street theres a movie theater in the backround that has the movie Seven Years In Tibet playing on the sign which is another movie brad pitt was in.
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Dude writes:
Listen up people, I'm no expert on this film, but for gods sake at least get the damn characters names right. And don't go giving the end away, Keyser Soze style, ya hear.
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The Sheep writes:
Actually there are 3 parts where you can see tyler blinks for a frame.. The first is after the lecturer at the testicle group says.. "I see all of this potential".. (The part where he bends), the second is right after the copy machine scene at the office and the last is when Norton meets Marla for the first time where she exits the building and walks toward the dark alley. Oh, one more thing -- If you've seen fightclub.. remember the part where the lecturer at the testicle group says "I see all this potential..", At the scene before the italian beats the **** out of Tyler he also says "I see all this potential..." :)
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This is the BEST movie I have seen in ages. it is worth a VCR's weight in GOLD. I simply love the plot, and the way you find out at the end about tyler gives this movie tremendous replay value. On the DVD commentary, they point out all of the subliminal messages if you put it on the Brad Pitt/Edward Norton/The special effects guy/Whoever played Marla, they point out the flashes. And also, I think the people who made this fil are geniuses. If they screwed up, they might not have, because of the ending. For example, when Tyler pulls out "Jack" from the driver side? That might be a screw up, it might not be. Why? **SPOILER****SPOILER****SPOILER** Because if "Jack" is Tyler, then he would be driving, not tyler. However, as revealed in the ending, sometimes when "Jack" is watching tyler talk, he is doing it. So he could have been holding up an entire conversation with himself in the car, and tried to stop himself from crashing. So, what was it? Mess up or not?
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chrisbate writes:
First, I want to point out I've read the original script, so all these points are how the writer envisioned it. If they made it into the movie (which they did) then the director obviously agreed with them. 1. The narrator is introduced as 'Jack' all his dialogue is headed 'Jack' and in all the action text it says 'Jack is doing something' He is called Jack. 2. The driver/passenger thing was intended. The writer makes a big effort to make it obvious in the script... "Tyler crawls from the passenger side. He walks around...opens the driver's side door and drags Jack out into the mud."
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Maybe someone else closed the door and "Jack" imagined himself doing it.
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tri2 writes:
to ixion: keep in mind he started the fight club. He was NOT there all the time. He was traveling all over the country on different nights of the week starting other fight clubs at other places. My own personal opinion: the guy was bi-polar as heck! Couldn't sleep and living 2 lives. His personalities split when he could not get any sleep. Try not sleeping for awhile and see how crazy you get! Plus, it's impossible to not sleep or fall down unless your brain chemicals are off. When he passes himself in the airport (his alter ego) he does not realize already when he is coming or going!
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warren writes:
Okay. Yep, the best film I have seen in ages. I saw it two days ago on video. Why didn't I see it on the big screen, maybe because I despise the people that want to see things as soon as they come out. Protect me from what I want!! The times that I noticed something was wrong was when Norton as whoever he is says to Marla that Tyler doesn't live there anymore and the look on her face was "What the hell is going on??' Another is when he goes over to check her for her lumps and nothing happens. Her reaction. And the other is when he fights himself in the boss's office and says, "reminds him of the first fight with Tyler!" Okay. At the end of the film on video.(Australian version) There is and advert for PUMA. Is this PUMA paying for the most devious thing. i.e. advertising at the end of a film that is basically against the consumer and advertising. And am I very glad no-one told me about this terrific story before I saw it!! Bye.
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Rockcrab writes:
And just to add to this whole "Jack", "Ed", "Cornelius" thing... If you turn on the subtitles, his characters remarks are all attributed to "Rupert".
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aero writes:
okay, time to get some things straight... first off, he does NOT have a tumor. it's an interesting theory, but one of the most ridiculous i've heard yet. second, his name is TYLER DURDEN, and if you want to question the spelling, pause the frame where 'Jack' (name confirmed in the script) is reading Tyler's business card. Everyone is mentioning all the appearances of Tyler before he actually comes into play, but I'm surprised no one has mentioned Tyler stealing a car (on the way to blowing up Jack's condo) while Jack is held up at the airport for a vibrating suitcase...this scene is crucial to the movie and you all FORGOT it? Everyone argues about the * fact, you can obviously tell the phone call isn't real, not because of the fact that you can/can't *69 from a rotary, but from the fact that when there is no answer, Jack never receives his quarter back from the payphone. Hello? That means the call was never really made in the first place. In reference to the Paper Street house, it is in fact, rented under Jack's "real name", not in Tyler's. This rules out the theory that Jack's name is Tyler Durden. Also, Jack mentioned that "I didn't know if Tyler had owned the house or if he was squatting, but he said that he'd been there for a year." anyway, the movie was awesome, and there are a lot of references to point out the fact that they are the same person (such as marla saying "i can't believe anything about last night" and grinning at jack while she gargled with coffee), but it seems you guys got 'em all. lates.
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The BJC writes:
Ok, seriously, all of you need to read the book that the movie is based on. It'll clear up all of your troubles.
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plugboy writes:
The cops do not know about his split-personality... This is just a satirical joke at the whole 'facsist' thing, in the same way as 'His name is Robert Palsen" Tyler obviously told the cops, brainwashed as they are, that if anyone talked to them about Project Mayhem, even him, they "gotta have their balls". As they say, they think he's making a statement...
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Robert writes:
Sure the narrators name is NOT Jack but that's just what he is called for the sake of reference.... Anyhow, even if Jack DID have a tumor (which I disagree with) he could not have destroyed it in the end when he shot himself because the bullet hits something (his tooth?) and bounces back out of his mouth. If you listen to the DVD commentary the director talks about it. I found an inconsistency. You see if you look close when the bus drops off Jack at the Paper Street House he is carrying a green folder. He just got back from scouting out one of the locations of the buildings to be bombed. Well when he goes inside he finds out the work that Project: Mayhem did. Now since he was also present at the Project: Mayhem building defacing, how was he scouting out the other building at the same time?
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peanut writes:
Alright evryone, does anyone think we'll truly know what evrything in this film was meant to mean, i dont think Kubrick & Tarantino together could have made it better! People who say "Ed" had a tumour are off thier heads, just not happening, he got the all-clear from the doctor at the start remember! As for his name? In my opinion it must have been Tyler Duerden (unless he made his work print this name on his plane tickets!!).Im intrested in getting a copy of the origional book, does this come under the name "Fight Club" or was it called something else, If it is called "Fight Club" would it have images from the film on the cover (as this is the only one iv'e seen),grateful for anyone's help.Cheers.Mail me for a chat about the film or with your help/opinions, thanks.
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I only have one thing to say: On the back of the cover of the movie it is written : (Norton stars as Jack, a chronic insomniac....etc) Maybe he is Jack if this is based on the script. This supports his use of (I am Jacks complete lack of surprise....etc). Just a thought :) SemiCharmedGoo
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Goldfoot writes:
I would just like to say that in the book the Narrator DOESNT die. When he says hes died it is then followed by Liar and Faker. People bring him lunch trays. He is just in the hospital.
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LinedAngel writes:
There is no tumor. Shooting himself in the cheek is how he gets rid of Tyler Durden. Tyler has taken over his life so completely, that its the only way "Jack" can get rid of him. Evidence? Earlier in the book and movie, when "Jack" figures it out, "Jack" trys to get rid of Tyler mentally, and it doesn't work.
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FoxiBri writes:
*Ok people are saying read the book and it will clear everything but i think as always things have been done differently in the movie thats why people are still getting confused. *Obviously the movie and book don't want edward nortons charctor to have a name like he almost doesn't have an identity because he finds one later. People say his name is jack in the script but they might just have written that so they dun get confused when reading it *i have a theroy that when tyler is pulling edward out of the car, ed is imagening this just like the scene when he thinks tyler is beating him up. *One thing that i never worked out is near the end when ed has been flying around looking for tyler (which could also be a metaphor for he is looking for himself) and he goes to the last place and all the waitresses and chefs are chanting 'his name is robert paulsen' which is dead give away to the viewer when u first watch that somethin is odd when they know his name but why are they chanting it?
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dallas writes:
just a couple things. in one of the narrators meetings he says, "if i had a tumor i'd name in marla." he doesnt have a brain tumor. quit posting dumb comments when the answers in front of your face. another thing, which is just kind of argumentative is he tells marla that he's been going to the meetings for over a year, and tyler has been living in the house for over a year.?? i dont know.
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penny writes:
Whoever picked up on the 6th subliminal is actually wrong, first of all you didn't actually pick up on it. You watched the commentary and brad mentions it. And for how you are wrong, there are actually 7 subliminals. The first one isn't at the copy machine it's before the movie even starts. In the beginning of movies there are usually Big Warning screens with a red backround basically saying the they have the movie copyrighted and blah blah blah but after that there is another WARNING sign and it's a message from tyler.
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if you pause it right after it shows on the screen, then press rewind, while it's still paused, then you can go back frame by frame until you see it again. when you see the frame, press fast foward. this will cause it to be paused at the frame.
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There is actually a scene where a flash of pitt shows up before the hospital it is when (Norton) starts to talk about insomnia and heis at the copy machine it goes to the left then right then left again and when it is almost to the left the second time he appears.
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eahicks writes:
Tyler Durden has to be his real name....if you notice when "he" finds all the boarding passes in the bedside table, what is the name on them? Tyler Durden. He gets all these thru work...his job has him travelling ALL the time.
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I found a bizarre synchronicity between FIGHT CLUB and the band Radiohead. If you choose to view it as intentional, it appears that David Fincher, among others, decided to synch the entire film to the Radiohead album THE BENDS. They tossed in a lot of clues, including an incredibly obvious one dropped in the DVD's running commentary. There's too many details to print here, but you can find them at If you visit the site (known as the Synching Ship), please write something in the guestbook, won't you? Thanks.
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Adam writes:
Norton's name is Jack he says that in the commentary on the DVD! Mr. I've seen it 34 times and can repeat the whole movie well you missed this one. Wheredid you people hear the name Banks or whatevr else you call him? The name is Tyler Durden!!! Now acually on the subject this egg is dumb!! It says Tyler Durden is seen at least 5 times befor introduced in the back of the VHS box! Some find I must say. Tyler didn't think it was time to give and appeared to Jack. The whole first part of te mvie is backround of Jack's fake life. He doesn't know whats real untill he starts fight club and is hit in the face. Thats real and thats why he says we all started seeing things different. He no longer whines about his DKNY shoes and his respectible funiture cus because that wasn't living. It was what other people wanted him to be. But when he finds out that he is Tyler and the whole thing wasn't real he gives it up because it was how tyler wanted him to be. Hey he had a plan, in tyler we trusted. Need more insight?...I'll be back next Saturday
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Q writes:
This may sound strange but I think the original poster of thread called brad pitt's character tyler banks because he had him confused with carlton banks, a character on fresh prince of bel air. How can you be both a fan of Fight Club and Fresh Prince? Now that's a real split personality.
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Jayce writes:
Ok, I just have a few questions. First off, why has no one considered the implications of the penguin, in Tyler's first "inner cave" experience? Is there some symbolism attached to the penguin? And just to correct someone pretty far above, he is not suffering from multiple personalities. Multiple personality patients are not capable of expressing more than one personality at a time. This is a form of acute schizophrenia, or just simple psychosis, where he is projecting a secondary image of an alternate self that he was afraid to be.
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Sneed writes:
Have you ever noticed that when they get on the plane that only one of them pays?
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look here, i think he has amnesia, but his memory comes back sometimes. he keeps seeing himself and he doesnt know he is seeing himself. i think his real name IS tyler durden, and he finally remembers everything when he shoots himself thru his cheek. just my opinion....
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Caroline writes:
If you guys want to understand the movie you must first understand what Narcolepsy is. Briefly it is an intrusion of R.E.M. sleep into the waking state. in other words a Narcoleptic has episodes of dreaming when they are awake (and find it difficult sometimes have difficulty telling the difference between reality and a dream. The main character in this film is narcoleptic and this explains everything.
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REcON__1 writes:
Read the novel and the script,Norton's character is Jack!!!
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Fletch writes:
Guys listen, its only a film. Think of what it means to you as an individual...then forget it. You think its important?
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whitelie writes:
I love Fight Club. If you are reading this you probably do to. My dad can't sit still through a TV show and he watched this two hour + movie TWICE IN A ROW!!! But why? Why is this the greatest movie we've ever seen? You people above me all talked about the flashes of Tyler in the begining of the movie. And Tyler himself talked about spicing porn into family films. What if the movie makers put something else into this movie. Subliminal messages. Subliminal messages that said "This is the best movie you've ever seen" or "See this movie again and again and again". They would have been faster than the other things which you were MEANT to see. I truly belive this is true. Please email me if you agree. Now exuse me while I watch it again.
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Mike writes:
I used to have that same shirt that brad pitt wears in the movie. the one with the motor cycle and all the colors...I was in 2nd grade..probably 1983...
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Fito writes:
So, she actually kill bill?
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AciDHeLL writes:
"Jack" has a name! He IS Tyler Durden, it is explicitly said in the movie. He somehow forgets he is Tyler and then, after meeting Marla, whenever he thinks he's sleeping he's actually completely in the character of who he thinks is Tyler Durden. All the fight clubs that start popping up actually started when "Jack" thought he was sleeping.
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TYLER DURDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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SilentMike writes:
Actually, if you notice during the projection scene, Tyler refers to "Jack" as Ed. Is this a slipup, intentional out-of-character or hinting that his name is Ed?
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warren writes:
Wow, Servilcat!! Maybe he started to go to the meetings for the cancer and other things because he wanted to see what they were all about before he went to one for the brain-tumored people. But he never got to a tumor meeting, did he? Now I have to watch it again but this time thinking he has a tumor. WOW
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NamelessOne writes:
Yes, I think the "Space Monkeys" know that the narrator, in their eyes Tyler Durden, is crazy in some way and talks to himself quite often. You see, he obviously told the police officers about his split-personality cause they tell him that they are going to cut his balls of because he himself ordered them to do so if he ever denied being Tyler Durden. The point about the arrow is that the narrator turns around as Tyler Durden and then looks at the arrow on the OPPOSITE WALL. On this wall the arrow is pointing right not left. But I have to check this again, I'm not quite sure about it. The narrator COULD have a tumor, but nothing really gives that away. He starts the Fight Club because he is a rather weak person and wants to be tough. So he projects his desire for strength into the character of Tyler Durden who is able to do anything he likes which the narrator himself is NOT. He can only act this way through Tyler Durden's character. And then of course Durden intents to create a kind of army to overthrow the consumer society. With the help of the fight club he addresses people's inner desires for violence. Once in the film he says that they (he and Durden) can read it in the others eyes and that they just give it a name. That's the point about the Fight Club: It's a gathering of men who all try to reach their personal freedom by fighting each other, learning to handle pain and 'grow tough' to life.
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SubMethod writes:
Jack is not Norton's characters name; Jack is from the articles Norton found about organs speaking in the first person. Norton's character has no name ;or at least a name that is told to us in the movie. In the credits he is called narrator.
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jimi writes:
At the very end of the movie when Tyler/Jack/ Norton is standing w/ Marla, there is a very disturbing image of a man's p*nis. I didn't know what it was cause it flashes real fast, so i paused it and it was a p*nis, gross.
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vaccine writes:
I think all of these are awsome theories but in exception... the one about the tumor is lame... and also the name.... let it rest, he has no known name, and the only reason that is , is to hide the fact that his is tyler durden... which brings on another thing that i have wondered. isnt durden an odd name. it istn the first name to pop into my head when i think of one. maybe something is hidden in the spelling of it???? :)
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It has been pointed out that the narrator becomes known as Jack when he starts reading the poetry which is composed of "I am Jack's ____." Problem is, another person who's read the script for the thing has pointed out that the narrator is introduced as Jack, it's just not known by the viewer until later. This might seem to be contradictory (is he Jack, or isn't he?) but in fact, it all makes sense. All that is required is a little knowledge of the techniques used in first person literature when the narrator is insane or otherwise unreliable. If anyone has read it, I'd like to refer you to "The Yellow Wallpaper." Here, the narrator starts off in a bad state of mind, as a result of post partum depression. Eventually, because of the "rest cures" used in her time, she goes completely insane, developing multiple personalities and dementia. Throughout the story, if one looks carefully, several events are told out of sequence, and certain other things match up that shouldn't, if the author is sane. Most notably, the "smootch" along the wall, and the fact that she admits to biting off a piece her bed at one time, and later is surprised to find that it has been chewed. Drawing from this example, it is my belief that Jack probably wrote that poetry at some time before the setting of the movie. The reason the poetry is apparently new to him is that he doesn't know he wrote it, having written it in the Tyler Durden persona, in the stages of his breakdown before he could be both Jack and Tyler at the same time. Hence the metaphors "I am Jack's colon, "I am Jack's nipple," "I am Jack's brain tumor," etc.
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J5892 writes:
if you read the book you should know all of this: (i will refer to Ed Norton's character as Ed) Ed Norton's character is not named Jack! It does not mention the name Jack once in the book. When he talks about the organs in first person he says Joe. He even shows his driver's license to Marla when he tells her he is not Tyler Durden(where the heck do you get banks from) and he does not say his name. Ed becomes Tyler when he falls asleep. That is why everyone thinks Ed is Tyler in the book. The reason the people in the back of the car in the car scene aren't confused is because in the book the leader of a branch of project mayhem (he refers to him as the mechanic) is driving. ***BOOK SPOILER*** At the end of the book Ed kills himself. In heaven there is a guy from project mayhem who says "its all going to plan" and the plan is to destroy civilization. That is why Tyler says "Hunting deer in the ruins of The Rockefeller Center" in the bedroom scene after the car crash. I hope this cleared some of the stuff up. if i left anything out i will post again. (oh yeah, the book came first)
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myke writes:
First off, if you look closely at the end scene after the explosions and the screen starts to "cut out" there is another subliminal message that is actually the picture of the naked man from the "spliced" scene in whick they were talking about the nude pics in family movies. Also, in a completely off topic statement about the gasoline and orange concentrate making napalm, it is true; however, this is not the military grade napalm. Military grade napalm is made by gasoline, and large blocks of the type of glue that is found on the back of stamps. An even easier way is to take LOTS of styrofoam and put it into the gas, and the styrofoam gets eaten away by the gas. If you have enough styrofoam, it makes pretty good napalm.
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vaccine writes:
I have seen the movie enough to compile my own educated collection of theories and beliefs. The one i would like to discuss is the book with the "I am Jacks" on them. These do not represent the identity of Ed Norton's character, but i believe the represent Fight club and Project mayhem. You see, "Jack" is Project mayhem, and each person is one of the organs. The organs keep "Jack" alive and strong. You are just a part. Now i know you will argue with the fact that bob died and no one seemed to care but if you relize how many men were involved one little slip would not make a difference. Another point i have recently decided to discuss is the idea of tylers knowledge. If tyler and Ed's character are one, would they not share the same knowledge. ON the plane Tyler tells Ed the ingredients for home-made napalm. Don't you think Ed would have aknowledged that he was aware of the instead of being suprized to the fact. and also when tyler gives Ed the chemical burn wouldnt Ed also know that vinegar would nuetralize the burn? HMMM... think of that.
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alexdenton67 writes: - This is the truth. Why do you even bother looking for or analising things that are so simple: We're all psycos and afraid to show it, even if we reach the edge. So most of us simply comit suicide in order to run away from that fact. Real "heros" of self-estime try to(even not beeing aware of that) survive by all means eventually turning into psycos! That's what happened. Nothing else. Hope you'll at least consider this possibility. The eternal psyco
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Allie writes:
OK, most of you guys are saying that Edward Norton's character isn't Jack. I could be wrong but I'm almost positive that's what his name is. If you go to the official web site for the movie it says his name is Jack. So if I'm wrong sorry i just wanted to try and help clear some stuff up.
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thank you, his name is rupert, other eggs donators say he has no name, and its not tyler derden,or banks,or durgen its durden.
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Jayce writes:
This comment is to explain a little about the tumor theory. I personally believe that the narrator has a brain tumor. When the narrator realizes to the full extent of what is going on, the last "I am Jack's ____" statement is made. I am Jack's Brain Tumor. Then, the idea of him shooting himself on the side of the head would cure him of his problem. So, Tyler could have been created solely as a means to cope with the tumor, by the narrator, and in essence when he destroys the tumor, he destroys Tyler. The only thing I had against the tumor theory was the fact that when he shoots himself near the very end, it looked like he shot himself through the cheek. However, I will have to watch the movie again to clear this up.
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