Mac OS 9 Easter Egg - Finder Finds!

I know of a Easter egg in Mac OS 9.xx that almost no one knows about and I actually won a contest for finding it(the price was Dreamweaver4 and I won cause not even the author behind the contest knowed about it).It is kind of fun and you have to be connected to the Internet and have a browser opened in order for it to work. Here it is:

In Internet Explorer /Netscape shift to Finder

Hold down Command+Option+Control

Choose About this computer in the Apple menu
When the About This Computer opens up whit the keys still held down double click the Mac OS 9.1 finder graphic.

Guess what will happen!. Voila!You will be automaticly taken to apple's website if you use another language version of Mac OS then English you will be taken to the corresponding language version of for instance if you use a Swedish Mac OS you will be taken to the Swedish apple website

If you love Apple and macintosh this easter egg is great!.

Sincerely, Joakim Agren!

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Contributed By: Joakim Agren on 08-14-2001
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Special Requirements: Mac OS 9.xx and a Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator and an Internet connection.
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Adam writes:
You made this a bit over-complicated. I get the same results when all I have done is opened up "About This Computer" by the normal method (i.e. not holding down any special buttons) and simply Command-clicking on the OS 9 Logo. I'm using version 9.0.4
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markdejong writes:
In my Dutch version of Mac OS 9.1 holding down the OPTION key only, will do the trick already. Also, you don't have to have a browser started, it will start automatically. I've always thought this was a feature, not an egg.
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LambdaEnt writes:
At least in System 9.1, just opening "About This Computer" normally and clicking the MacOS logo with the command key works, without any of the other steps.
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Gary0001 writes:
I dont think thats a hidden easter egg. I think it's a convience apple put in so people can find out about the latest version of the operateing system. Notice it takes you to our loved .
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