Power Mac 7200 Easter Egg - Face and Initials on Bottom of Motherboard

If you have a dead 7200 laying around, or feel very confident in your electronics handling abilities, you can check out a interesting tidbit the designer's of this computer's mother board left behind in their work. DO NOT DO THIS TO A WORKING 7200 UNLESS YOU REALLY KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING!

To find this egg:

1. Remove the outer case from the 7200
2. Rock open the disk carrier. This reveals the mother board.
3. With a Phillips screw driver remove the plastic support pole in the center of the mother board.
4. depress the two clips at the front of the board and slide it forward. This will release the board from the case.
5. flip the board over (keeping the SCSI, monitor, etc ports pointing away from you).
6. On the left side of the board about 1/3 down you will see two rows of large solder points. To the right of these on the other side of four small traces you'll find a face and the initials D.B. and M.G. placed above a face icon. You can also get here by finding the Apple logo and going up about an inch and a half. Note that this is on the BOTTOM of the mother board - you cannot see this without removing the board from the case.

The face looks about like this:
() () \
>< \
>< ____
That doesn't really do it justice, but it gets the point across

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Contributed By: inio on 08-06-2001
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Special Requirements: Power Mac 7200 (preferably dead), Phillips screw driver
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7200 motherboard face
7200 motherboard face

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it would be neat to have the ability to display photos of these kinds of eggs.
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