Iomega HipZip Digital Audio Player Easter Egg - Dadio Exploding Head Credits

NOTE: The egg really isn't that hard to get to; this description is just *very* detailed.

1. Turn on your HipZip Digital Audio Player. A PocketZip / Clik! disk does not need to be in the player in order for this egg to work.

2. Once the main player display appears (with running time, volume level, etc.), press the MENU/SEL button and scroll down (using the Volume Down button) to "Player Info." Press MENU/SEL again.

3. At this point you will be run through a quick series of animations (this is *not* the egg). First you'll see the "Dadio" logo with a pulsing graphic equalizer. This is then followed by the "Dadio Dude" (looks like a French hipster) giving a thumbs-up, followed by the spinning iObjects logo, then finally showing the "Dadio" logo again with the version number of the operating system below it.

4. Once this final Dadio Logo / Version screen is displayed, press Volume Up seven (7) times, then press MENU/SEL. This allows you to view the egg.

5. You will now be treated a quick animation of the Dadio Dude putting on a pair of headphones, jamming to his digital audio player, and then having his head explode (his brain and eyeballs fly out toward you!). Set against the backdrop of blood now gushing like a geyser from his neck, the credits for the iObjects, Iomega, and eCos teams will flash by. (NOTE: as the credits roll, press your volume buttons every once in a while to ensure that your player does not auto-off, causing you to miss some of the display).

6. When the credits are finished, the headless Dadio Dude has a quick wisp of smoke drift out from his neck, and then the player will return to the main screen (time remaining, volume, etc.)

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 02-09-2001
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Special Requirements: Requires the Iomega HipZip Digital Audio Player
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SmartMoose writes:
If you've tried doing this egg under the updated OS (v.00001.00424), you may have noticed that the above instructions don't work perfectly. The egg is still there, but the approach is slightly different. 1. Still go to the "Player Info" area as mentioned above. 2. From the first screen that displays (the Iomega screen with the rotating "I" logo), press Volume Up seven (7) times and then press MENU/SEL. The egg will now launch. As a bonus, since the update OS changes the auto-shutoff from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, there is no need to keep pressing the volume buttons to maintain the display. Just sit back and enjoy! (The new OS also adds a host of other beneficial features to the HipZip. To find out more, or to download the update, go to )
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