QNX4 Easter Egg - Sin Utility

QNX users know what `sin' utility is for. Also they know that each command can be abbreviated up to two letters:

`sin me' == `sin memory' (show memory usage)
`sin fi' == `sin files' (show open files)
`sin fl' == `sin flags' (show processes' flags)

and so on.

But one undocumented command cannot be abbreviated, `sin toomuch'. Say:

# sin toomuch

and read the text:

You must be punished for your sins my son.
rm * (Y/n) ?

If you are wise to say 'n', you'll see:

You are forgiven my son. This time...

If you are adventurous and say 'Y', don't be surprised to read:

Not only are you a sinner, you are a stupid sinner!

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Contributed By: Vadim Borchtchev on 02-06-2001
Reviewed By: Webmaster
Special Requirements: QNX v4.2x, shell
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job5_20 writes:
Also in QNX6.0 (I'm not sure about the version number), if you type "sin toomuch" it responds with "Then you better cut down then."
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QNX6 has got another utility to display system statistics, `pidin`. If you say `pidin toomuch` you'll see the message: "Oh, wow. What OS are you tripping with man?"
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eurythmia writes:
other easter eggs with pidin (pid info) on QNX neutrino include: $pidin pie mmm ... puddin' pie. Them's good eatin' $pidin english I see you can't even spell pidgin english correctly $pidin sin since we are without sin, we may cast the first stone These may not be verbatim, it's been awhile since I've read the sourcecode for pidin.
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