TI-89 Easter Egg - Credits

1. Press F5 to goto PrgmIO.
2. Press [Diamond].
3. Last press Clear and there you go.

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Contributed By: webmaster on 08-18-2000
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Special Requirements: Ti-89 Calculator
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Mathwiz writes:
Here's how it goes: To get into the "info screen", press AMS 1.xx: F5, (Diamond), APPS AMS 2.xx: F5, (Diamond), CLEAR Next, you can do one of many things: [alpha]+R: Remote control mode (you must have something to send commands with!) [alpha]+S: Self-test. Use this to test certain things on your calculator. WARNING: This WILL reset your RAM, and maybe even your Flash ROM!!! I've heard that there is a way to see a list of the people that helped produce the TI-89's AMS, but I haven't found it yet... Also, while in Remote Mode, you can't control your own calculator!!! You must control it via the link port... If you can't get out, just remove a battery and put it back in. You shouldn't lose your RAM, unless you have a low backup battery.
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swatpup writes:
On mine it was the diamond, then the apps key, not the clear key. And it gave the same, no credits, just copyright info.
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pendragondb writes:
The true nature of this egg is not shown here. If you do the above, then press alpha "S", then you get a list of various self-tests, some of which are entertaining. Some of them clear your memory, but you can get out of the menu without clearing your memory. One consequence: this removes that little line at the bottom of the screen, above where the "busy" and "2nd" and stuff appear, but below where your input text shows up.
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HeNry2cOoL writes:
From the copyright menu.. press Alpha then S. This also works for the other TI graphing calculators too but only when you press Mode first, not in the copyright screen.
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roachware writes:
"mkay"...in any graphing calculator that Texas Instruments makes, (since 1990) the self test has deleted RAM and nothing else. It has never been a link to credits, and has sure as hell never been a pre-cursor to them. Anyone who tells you otherwise gets hard on the fact that you might lose important files.
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me!!!!!!!! writes:
Hm, I can get to self-tests fine. F5, Diamond, Clear. Unfortunately, my TI-89 doesn't pass the FLASH check. The RAM check creates an entertaining repeating pattern of vertical lines, however I'm pretty sure it's broken because I have to hit ON to get out of it and that dumps me back to the main screen with my RAM all reset. Please email me at me__ at mac dot com if you can tell me how to get it working again. Unless it's supposed to do that for a LONG time. Please tell me either way - only people who have actually performed the test on their calcs please. I'll probably flash this thing anyway, the base code is garbaged, and I'm on the rebound from a BAD flash-related lockup.
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Nuez_Jr writes:
has anyone gotten to a menu of hardware tests from inside this copyright screen? (if you haven't, please don't go poking blindly at keys; i have crashed my -89 several times trying to get the menu again after the first time i saw it) please feel free to email me if you know anything about this.
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Cool, it works on my Ti89 also.. Also, I think I found a really cool easter egg in the Ti89 Calculator. When you enter 1.5.8 for example, after I press enter the answer was one point two. When I looked to the left in the home-screen, I noticed that it read 1.5*.8 the * was added. Even though I did not press the * key. when I entered 1.5.8.
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