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Okey dokey here goes
Brad Pitt's Character appears sveral times before he's actually introduced.
1. Edward Norton's character is making copies of some sort when a dingle frame flash of Tyler Durden makes an appearence
2. Edward Norton is talking to the doctor when Tyler appears for a single frame in the background
3. Edward Norton is at the Testicular Cancer support group when Tyler makes another single frame appearence
4 Edward Norton is looking at Marla walking down an alley way when Tyler makes his final single frame appearence.
5. Edward Norton is sitting on the hotel bed describing "single serving friends". The TV is on and a line of waiters in white uniforms (continuous throughout the film with waiters) appears on the TV screen and says "welcome" Tyler is the waiter on the far right.

After the heist at the banquet when Project Mayhem assaults the fat guy in the bathroom and their running around in the parking Garage Bob's ( meatoloaf) pants fall down.
When The detective calls Edward Norton;'s charachter to discuss the possible arson of his apartment, a monkey's face is hanging up in the background on the detective's bulletin board. A reference to Space Monkey perhaps?

I have a life, really. There's tons more but I can't remember them right now

During the movie you discover that one of "Tyler's" jobs is a movie theater projectionist, where he adds a frame from an "Adult" rated movie into a children's movie. Well at the very end just after the buildings collapse and before the credits start there is a film "shutter" where the frame of the "Adult" movie was added.

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Ralph writes:
Here are the exact times Tyler pops in: 1) 04:05 - "everything is a copy of a copy of a copy" 2) 06:16 - Doctor: "... that's pain" 3) 07:31 - "... and really open ourselves up" 4) 12:31 - Watching Marla heading down alley 5) 20:12 - Hotel commercial (I never noticed it until I read it here)
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ROAST BEEF writes:
actually, there are better give aways and other "bloopers". since Meat Loaf Aday's Bob suit (made out of garbage bags filled with bird-seed, and covered with latex and nipples made out of buttons) was so heavy , he was given oxygen masks off set so he could breathe. but, when tyler is giving out the homework assignments - there is Bob in the back, sucking on an oxygen mask. As for give aways; after "jack" quits his job, he is shown riding the bus home. in his left hand are the green folders for 1888 franklin street and the other sites of credit card companies. he was riding the bus in order to check out the sites of the bombings. also, in the car crash scene, tyler pulls "jack" out of the drivers side of the car. Some contenuity problems include: when the space monkeys are at the banquet to stop organized crime, and the detective goes into the bathroom, there is no deadbolt on the door, but Edward Norton later uses it to lock the bathroom door. also, the scene where "jack" beats himself up in front of his boss was shot much later from a different angle, and they cut between new footage and old. the thermostat in the background changes colour from silver to black. also, when tyler, "jack", and the space monkeys are leaving the banquet, when they walk out of the door, meat loaf's pants fall down. also, all the phones in the house on paper street are rotary, yet tyler *69ed jack in the phone booth. there is no star button on rotary phones. also, when marla says, "you're going to have to keep me up allll night", in the background is a container full of fat, even though they have not made soap yet. ALSO, when the little preist guy gets sprayed by the hose and hits the guy who sprayed him, the camera pans and follows him, and then it shakes because the cameral operator started to laugh. also, after tyler leaves "jack", and jack goes into tylers room, he closes the door and on the other side are driver's licenses on a bulletin board. this is a reference to the book where they each have to make 12 "human sacrifices", one being that of raymond k. hessel.
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TylerDurden writes:
OK, let's clear the confusion here. As most of us should know, Tyler Durden was "Jack's" alter ego, he didn't exist outside of "Jack" seeing as he was Jack. The whole phone bit, that was imagined, the ring was imagined, that explains it all, so of course, the payhpone COULD NOT recieve incoming calls, as the sign indicated. And of course, there was no star 69, just Jack's imagination, as with the beer after their first fight, remember, he thought he was passed tyler a beer, but it crashed to the ground, because there was no tyler, outside of jack anyway.
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Bob writes:
It is not a mistake that there is a jug of fat in Marla's bedroom. In the book it explains that she is getting the fat sent to her from her mom so that she can get cologne injections for her is all explained in the book.
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Strider writes:
I think some of you people are mixing some things up here. Yes Jack is delusional and all the eggs that people have found didn't really happen in terms of reality. But they are not slip ups. They were all put in intentionally as clues and precursors to the ending. Someone noticing all these things watching the movie for the first time could come to what ends up being an obvious conclusion. And to add to the car crash scene. Not only does Tyler pull Jack out of the driver's seat but he himself crawls out of the passenger seat.
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Ollie writes:
The bit where Meatloaf's pants fall down is fantastic; not really an eegg, but a classic blooper moment left in a film, like the Stormtrooper in Star Wars who hit his head coming through the door.
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Axefield writes:
I thought I saw Tyler at the escalator at the airport as well - he travels in the opposite direction as our dear disturbed friend does...
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Aethelwine writes:
another interesting note about the *69 phone call which noone seems to have picked up is that Pay-Phone's do not accept incoming calls, in fact stated on the phone itself (only visible for a brief second and out of focus) is the line "Outgoing Calls only" or something to that effect. Also Jack (whoever) is confused when the phone rings possibly because of this and replies to Tyler "But I'm on a pay-phone and... "
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jdl5879 writes:
Just so you know, Edward Norton's character's name is not Jack. He doesn't have one. There are some times where he says "I am Jack's bile duct" or something else like that, using other organs. That isn't him there. There's a scene when the narrator recently moved in with Tyler, and he starts reading out loud short stories written by the organs of a man named Jack in first person. The Narrator is simply using body parts to describe his current emotions.
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mojito writes:
I've just watched Fight Club again having read the posts on here which was very interesting but no one seems to mention the closeup of a p*nis in the final scene. When Jack and marla are in the building watching the others get blown up, their own building starts to explode and amongst the flashes of light a single frame of a p*nis apears
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TheDude writes:
Not really an egg but, if you notice, the little "subliminal tyler" isn't seen smoking until after The Narrator(or Jack, or Ed or whatever) meets Marla Singer. Again, not really an easter egg, but I thought I'd point it out cuz it was interesting nonetheless
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Paerfeondeon writes:
I always took the whole "p*nis at the end" thing as not being just a joke, but as Tyler still being alive. Anyone else think so?
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captd writes:
I must admit I didn't notice the flashes of Tyler til the 3rd time I watched the movie. But 1 thing I wanted to point out that every1 seems to be missing about the car crash scene, yes Tyler pulls "Jack" from the wreck, but even prior to that when the car 1st pulls up..."Jack" tells Tyler to gt in...Tyler says No, after you......."Jack" gets in the drivers side of the car, of course we know why, since "Jack" is actually driving.
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Psyche writes:
Ok, first off, i don't know why you listed all these different things, some of which aren't even eggs, in the comments section, but i'll rebut. There's no lock on the bathroom door. That isn't really there; it's just a thing the narrator's mind makes up to keep him busy while his body is berating the commissioner. The narrator is Edward Norton, by the way. It's as good a name as any, and better than most. The *69 thing got covered in another egg; it's either 1169 (*69 from a rotary phone) or the narrator's mind playing tricks on him again.
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Vincent writes:
His name is Robert paulson! His name is Robert paulson! His name is Robert paulson! His name is Robert paulson! His name is Robert paulson! His name is Robert paulson!
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Jay writes:
Why are people commenting about Ed Norton's character's name? Its never mentioned, its as simple as that. Also, Tyler is an imaginary figure. The flashes and the airport are just him making an appearance in "Ed's" mind. And I must say, I didn't notice the driver's side thing since I drive on the right hand side, it didn't occur to me that its wrong.
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plugboy writes:
The "monkey" is mentioned in the commentary, and Ed Norton thought this was a reference to space monkeys. Alas no, it's a halloween mask and David Fincher put it in because it "looked good"
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pokey writes:
Tyler's flashes are symbolic of him taking over jack's life....get it?
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actually pay phones CAN receive out going calls, i myself have received calls on a pay phone, it saves money. just another way to screw the phone company. yes, i am aware that some phones DO NOT accept them(like ones in school)and please people, STOP TALKING ABOUT TYLER'S FLASHES. we all know they happened. what someone needs to talk about is the fact that when EDWARD NORTON closes the bathroom door there is a person on the other side. i'm not sure if this is a reflection from the mirror in the hall, but i'm pretty sure it is not supposed to be there.
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Hannah writes:
I don't know about pay-phone accepting incoming calls however for a while I was wondering how the phone could call back when Tyler is a fictional character made up in "Jack"'s mind and also why "Jack" doesn't get his quarter back and then I remembered: Here in the land of Oz (Australia) we used to be able to pay 40 cents (the cost of a local call in this country) and dial 199 and about a minute later the phone would call back with silence on the other end of the line. Not too important to the film but very good for fooling parents and siblings.
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gravey writes:
If you have read the legendary book by Chuck Pharan-orsomething (bad spelling), you'd know that Marla was saving her mothers fat to use for cosmetic purposes. Tyler makes a passing comment about this when they are stealing the fat from the medical dump. This is the reason that there is fat in her room! Besides, isnt for eggs, not slip ups?
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tftrino03 writes:
i know this is really not the place to ask but i thought i could find the answer to my question here. does anyone know the name of the song that plays in the background when ed norton grabs the support groups sheet? its not by the dust bros. because i've think i have heard every song on the soundtrack. so if u could respond or email me with the name and/or artist itd be nice thanks. adam
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greenbeen55 writes:
How is this an eegg? It is how Durden is created, Dumbass.
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DeadMon writes:
About the pay-phone... Payp-hones can receive incoming calls... some of them actually have a phone number written on them, with which u can call that particular phone... anyhow, my reasoning behind that phone call, is that it was the last thing that broke camel's back so to speak, this is where main character goes crazy... Tyler is a real person, Jack does meet him in the plane... however, when he calls him on that pay-phone, nobody answers... real Tyler is not home... and this is where Jack looses his mind, when the pay-phone rings back... this is where the fictional Tyler comes into play. I dunno, most probably this is not a correct interpretation, but i think its a bit more twisted.
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aina writes:
My, my... What sharp eyes you all have. I thought Tyler only flashed thrice before Jack finally "met" him. I guess you just have to disregard my comment in Keep A Sharp Eye.
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Schumacher writes:
Just a few things I noticed. 4 Flashes of Tyler Durdan I know theres more but that all I have seen They pay phone when "Jack" calls "Tyler" to see if he can live with him. Nobody picks up. They pay-phone rings which it can. "Tyler" says I *69'd you. If you notice the phone in the house is a "spin dial phone" it has NO star When "Jack" beats up the blonde guy to a bloody pulp a car pulls up from an air port? AN AIR PORT!!!! why would a guy from an air port come and pick up tyler durdan I mean I know that hes the boss and everthing, but an air port? Maybe that shows that "Tyler's" been on a few plains befor And then when "Jack" gets into the car he gets into the driver side, but when we see him in the car he's in the shot gun position. I know that he could of just moved over but you know... Who dose that. Now when the car flips the drive door and side is on the left that is where "Jack" comes out of the car. Edward Norton's character always says im jacks alter ego but he is jack, and those are the only times he says his name. Jack, and Tyler never fight eachother and are never talked to at the same time. Thats all of the BIG things i noticed ill add a few more later "Tyler" is now
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