Color Computer 3 Easter Egg - Creator Picture

If you are one of the priveledged to have had a Tandy Color Computer 3 chucked at you from Radio Shack in the early eighties, check this out:

(1) Hold down the ctrl and alt keys while you power on the computer.

OR, with the computer already on:

(1) Hold down the ctrl and alt keys
(2) Hit the restart button on the back of the keyboard (while still holding down the ctrl and alt keys).

You should see the creators in a blue and white pic ... they are standing in front of a wall with the letter M (the old Microware logo) on it.

Pretty neat.

An extensive article on the history of this egg is currently located at:

It goes into details on how it was done (the image was actually three seperate photos, merged together), and who did it and why.

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Contributed By: Donica Galek on 07-08-2000
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Special Requirements: Tandy Color Computer 3
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This image will also appear if you hold down CTRL+ALT while you power up. The reset method serves a useful purpose as a way to "reboot" the computer without powering down. While Microsoft did the original BASIC language in the Color Computer, Microware (a Des Moines, IA based company that created the OS-9 operating system) was contracted to update the software. According to one of the programmers who worked on the project (and who is in the picture), they had to make the updates as an overlay patch (since they could not modify the Microsoft code). The "M" in the image is the old Microware logo (which has changed twice since then, see One of the men in the picture went to work for Microsoft, another still works at Microware today, and the third worked at Microware up until 1999 or so. They also put in the "CLS 100" easter egg.
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Claude writes:
Same comment as on the Color computer two, I heard this picture was 4 hackers who were wanted by the FBI.
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